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October 2021

Accuracy of temporal order recall for verbal and song digit-spans presented to right and left ears

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1976; 13: 114-129.

Abstract: Examined the relationship between music and language; specifically, possible hemispheric functioning for verbal input and song input through the recall of sequentially presented verbal and song stimuli. 34 right-handed male and female undergraduates, musically trained and untrained, listened to dichotically presented digits in 28 trials. Each trial consisted of 14 numbers (7 simultaneous presentations of 2 digits). The 7 numbers to each ear per trial were identical except for the order in which they were presented. In general, song facilitated digit recall for both trained and untrained Ss, although musically trained Ss scored somewhat higher for all song conditions. Since a right-ear advantage was evidenced for both song and verbal input, with greater accuracy indicated for song, these results suggest the use of song for speech acquisition and memory training programs in therapy and education. They also have other practical implications for formulating specific procedures for recovering language functions in speech areas and for increasing auditory memory span. They should also encourage the development of hypotheses regarding the nature of the relations between and within the functioning of hemispheres for music and speech. (31 ref)

Note: accuracy of temporal order recall for verbal vs song digit spans presented to right vs left ears; right handed musically trained vs untrained college students

Keyword(s): Musical ability; music ; recall learning; sequential learning; verbal communication; verbal learning; cerebral dominance; auditory perception

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