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October 2021

[Singer and actor under medical attention of the laryngologist]

Journal/Book: Laryngol Rhinol Otol (Stuttg). 1976; 55: 433-46.

Abstract: Singers and actors offer special problems to the laryngologist as far as their personality is concerned as the individual intensity of their vocal usage. A successful therapeutical approach requires that the doctor is able to involve himself into the physical and psychic conditions of an artistic usage of the voice; he also should be as well open to singing as to music in general. Knowledge in pathophysiology of larynx and voice, experiences in phoniatry and psychological interests will enable the larngologist to solve such medical problems which occur when working on diseases of the voice of singers and actors. Based on these few remarks, the report deals with the following short chapters: doctor and singer, the most frequent causes of vocal disorders, the "dry throat' of the singer, coughing out of custom, vocal nodules, the prevention of damages of the voice, the singer's voice under endocrine influences, possible damages of the voice in connection with operations and - the actor with an ill voice.

Keyword(s): Art|. Larynx|PH. Music|. Voice Training|

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