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October 2021

Current thought in musicology

Journal/Book: Symposia in the arts and the humanities. 1976; 4: Austin. University of Texas Press. xiii, 313.

Note: 75029245 edited by John W. Grubbs ; with the assistance of Rebecca A. Baltzer, Gilbert L. Blount, and Leeman Perkins. Includes bibliographical references and index. Grubbs, J. W. Introduction.--Seeger, C. Tractatus esthetico-semioticus; model of the systems of human communication.--Hamm, C. The ecstatic and the didactic; a pattern in American music.--Carter, E. Music and the time screen.--Brown, H. M. Instruments and voices in the fifteenth century chanson.--Lockwood, L. Nottebohm revisited.--Heartz, D. The chanson in the humanist era.--Chase, G. Musicology, history, and anthropology; current thoughts.--Reaney, G. The prospects for research in medieval music in the 1970's.--Duckles, V. The library of the mind; observations on the relationship between musical scholarship and bibliography.

Keyword(s): Musicology.. Music.

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