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October 2021

[The life of Joseph Haydn from a medical point of view (author's transl)]

Journal/Book: Wien Klin Wochenschr. 1976; 88: 429-32.

Abstract: Joseph Haydn (1732 to 1809) had hardly been troubled by any illness of note, apart from a chronic nasal polyp until 1799. During the composition of the oratoria "The Seasons" (1799 to 1801), the signs of cerebral arteriosclerosis with cardiac insufficiency made their appearance. Haydn' s creative strength subsequently declined rapidly and he was virtually unable to compose any more after he had finished "The Seasons" until his death in 1809. The plan to compose a third oratoria "The Last Judgement" ended abortively. Haydn himself suffered acutely from the inactivity imposed on him by the illness, as documented by various sources. Hadyn remained fully conscious right up to the time of his death, which presumably resulted from cardiac failure. Haydn's grave was ransacked only a few days after the funeral and his skull was snatched. It has been finally restored to his resting place in Eisenstadt only as recently as 1954 after a protracted and devious journey.

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