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October 2021

Televised music lessons as educational reinforcement for correct mathematical responses with the educable mentally retarded

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1976; 13: 77-86.

Abstract: Conducted a study of 17 institutionalized educable mentally retarded Ss to determine (a) whether televised elementary music lessons would be effective as reinforcement for completion of mathematical problems, and (b) whether a gain in music-listening skills would be obtained in addition to a gain in mathematics achievement. Procedures, methodology, and reversal sequence replicated a 1976 study of disadvantaged public school 1st graders by C. K. Madsen et al. Results replicated those of the previous study. Pre-post increases in music listening skills were made in addition to gains in correct mathematical responses. For the institutionalized retarded, as well as the disadvantaged 1st-graders, one subject reinforced the other, with learning resulting in both academic areas.

Note: televised music lessons as educational reinforcement for correct mathematical responses; music listening skills & mathematics achievement; institutionalized educable mentally retarded

Keyword(s): Televised instruction; music therapy; reinforcement ; mathematics achievement; musical ability; institutionalized mentally retarded; educable mentally retarded

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