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October 2021

Theoretical and practical problems of psychotherapy in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Author(s): Vencovsky, Eugen

Journal/Book: Socijalna Psihijatrija. 1976; 4: 33-37.

Abstract: Discusses trends in psychotherapeutic practice in Czechoslovakia. A number of procedures have been used, including those either directly or indirectly derived from Pavlovian concepts of classical conditioning, which are closely related to behavioral therapy in several respects. Autognostic training is widely used, as is hypnotherapy. Another trend is related to dynamic psychotherapy. There are only a few supporters of classical psychoanalysis; however, psychodrama is frequently used. A number of original procedures are also employed, including creative gymnastics, music and art therapy, and special therapeutic communities for different diagnosis groups. Psychotherapy is used for the final treatment of psychosis, especially for schizophrenia. ABSTRACT 2: Argues, following M. Klein, that artistic creation is an attempt at reparation; i.e., at making up for the fantasied destruction of a loved object. Through psychoanalysis the patient learns to reproduce and reconstruct the internalized parental objects. (English summary) (6 ref)

Note: trends in psychotherapeutic practice & techniques; Czechoslovakia

Keyword(s): Czechoslovakia ; psychotherapy ; psychotherapeutic techniques

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