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October 2021

The influence of a music therapy activity upon peer acceptance, group cohesiveness, and interpersonal relationships of adult psychiatric patients

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1976; 13: 66-76.

Abstract: Conducted a study to determine whether participation in a valued group-musical activity (guitar lessons) would enhance interpersonal relationships of psychiatric patients to a significantly greater degree than participation in nonmusic activities. Interpersonal relationships within 2 groups, musical and nonmusical, were compared by measuring changes in peer acceptance, group cohesiveness, and general interpersonal relationships occurring between sociometric pre- and posttests. Ss were institutionalized female psychiatric patients. Results indicate that the 7 Ss in the experimental (musical) group made significant gains in peer acceptance and group cohesiveness, as indicated by number of reciprocal choices given on sociograms. The 5 Ss in the nonmusical group failed to achieve significant gains on these variables.

Note: participation in valued group music activity vs nonmusic activities; peer acceptance & group cohesiveness & interpersonal relationships; institutionalized female psychiatric patients

Keyword(s): Music therapy; group instruction; group cohesion; peer relations; interpersonal interaction; social acceptance; group participation; human females; psychiatric patients

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