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October 2021

Musical aids to assist therapy in mentally retarded and autistic children

Author(s): Brauner, Francois

Journal/Book: Vie medicale au Canada francais. 1976; 5: 1024-1026, 1037-1039.

Abstract: Discusses the use of musical aids as a part of therapy with mentally retarded and autistic children. From 1955 to 1960 the number of mentally deficient, trisomic, encephalitic, and cerebrally disordered children has increased, and music has assumed an important social and educational place in their lives. Psychomotor and perceptual (sensory) exercises have been set to music with success. The language of music is shown to be an effective tool for communication in the psychotic child. Music is utilized as a therapeutic aid, akin to projective tests. The problems of musical therapy are discussed, including the rapidly changing response of the psychotic child to music and the possible facilitation of a psychotic child's return to autism. Although musicotherapy is not an exact science, it is proving to be a beneficial treatment for various psychological disorders.

Note: music as therapeutic aid; mentally retarded & autistic children

Keyword(s): Autistic children; music therapy; mentally retarded; children

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