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October 2021

Incidence of Prolonged Pain Relief Following Acupuncture

Author(s): Modell, J., Andersen, T., Saga, S.

Journal/Book: Anesthesia and Analgesia Current Researches. 1976; 55: 229-231.

Abstract: From March 1973 to December 1974, 2090 electroacupuncture treatments were applied to 533 patients with chronic pain. Of 533 patients, 276 (52%) reported excellent (> 75%) pain relief immediately after the last treatment, and 103 (19.3%) still reported excellent pain relief on a 4-week follow-up questionnaire. In March 1975, the authors contacted 87 of these 103 patients. Sixty-three reported that they still had excellent pain relief 3 to 18 months after therapy, 3 patients reported that their pain still was relieved 50% and .21 patients said their pain had returned to the same intensity as before therapy. Thus, 12%, of 533 patients who received acupuncture treatment for chronic pain had a significant degree of pain relief at least 3 months after therapy.

Keyword(s): Clinical trial

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