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October 2021

Bromelainwirkung beim Kazinom

Author(s): Goldstein, N.

Journal/Book: Krebsgeschehen. 1976; 8, 4:

Abstract: The purpose of the study was, to obtain statistical data an the effect of orally administered bromelain an cancer.After a short description of the history and applications of bromelain, the results of five short range cancer tests using bromelain, are briefly summarized.As model for a slow developing tumor, skin cancer has been induced by ultraviolet radiation in hairless mice. Irradiation was administered for one whole year, the duration of the test. After 6 months, 80% of the control animals developed precancerous lesions, whereas the bromelain fed group (80 mg per kg per day) hat an incidence of 10%. After one year, all precancerous lesions of the control group progressed into skin cancer. Only 40% of the bromelain fed animals developed skin cancer during this time, and the malignancies were significantly less aggressive than those of the control group. Further studies with skin cancer and leukemia are in progress.

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