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October 2021

Effects of Protease Treatment on Growth, Morphology, Adhesion, and Cell Surface Proteins of Secondary Chick Embryo Fibroblasts

Author(s): Chen, L., Buchanan, J.

Journal/Book: Cell. 1976; 7: 407-412.

Abstract: Several proteolytic enzymes have been studied with regard to their ability to induce DNA synthesis and cell proliferation in resting chick embryo fibroblasts. Of the enzymes examined, thrombin, bromelin, and trypsin exhibit potent mitogenic activity, elastase has significant but less marked activity, whereas thermolysin, papain, and ?-protease are inactive. The enzymes were also tested for their ability to induce morphological change or to remove two iodinatable proteins of 250,000 and 205,000 daltons. Although the larger protein is removed by some but not all of the proteases examined, every protease tested removed the smaller cell surface protein. The ability of proteases to stimulate cell growth could not be correlated directly with removal of either of these cell surface proteins; however, loss of the smaller protein does correlate with the reduction of both cytoplasmic spreading and cell-cell interactions observed after protease treatment. A secondary, later event of migration of cells into clumps is observed in those instances when protease treatment did not result in a loss of the 250K protein. A role for each of these proteins in the processes OT cellular adhesion is discussed.

Keyword(s): Enzyme

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