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October 2021

For a widespread Ultra-violet-Rays Prophylaxis

Journal/Book: Zschr. Physiother. Jg. 27 (1975) 315-316. 1975;

Abstract: Aus der Medizinischen Fakultšt der Universitšt Plovdiv Working in the field of Physioprophylaxis the author has had the opportunity of experimenting the powerful prophylactic effect of Ultra-violet rays treatment. Ultra-violet-rays have varied effects an almost all the systems and functions of the human organism and besides they affect a number of unfavourable factors of the environment in such a manner as to eliminate - at least in part - their noxious influence. So far little has been done for the utilazation of the ultraviolet rays treatment while it would be profitable that it be practised in every-day medical care. Three basic points should be emphasized: 1. The Ultra-violet-rays increase to a great extent the nonspezific immune-protective potentiality of the organism foster the production of interferone by certain cells and have a strong bactericidal and virocidal action so that they are most important factor in the control and prophylaxis of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract (grippe parainfluenza adenovirus rhinoviruses streptococci staphylococci mycoplasmas etc.). 2. The effect of ultra-violet tays an the organism is not permanent: its duration its duration is limited to a period of approximately 6-8 weeks after the term of treatment so that about the middle of november the effect of the solar radiation obtained during the summer is considerably decreased. 3. The medical personnel practising Ultra-violet rays treatment should be well acquainted with the physiological action of ultra-violet rays an the human organism. Special techniques should be employed and the method of working with the quarz lamp should be clear in order to avoid undesirable incidents such as conjunctivitis erythema etc. I. Some data obtained from the II. City Hospital of Plovdiv (by Dr. IVAN PASHEV) and from the II Health Center of Plovdiv (by Dr. N. BALTOVA) show that factory workers who were subjected to ultra-violet rays prophylactic treatment in late autumn and winter has a considerably lower sick rate compared to those who were not treated. ... ___MH

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