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October 2021

(Musicotherapy in treatment of hyperkinetic and anxiety neuroses in children.)

Author(s): Domoslawska, Barbara, Koczurowska, Jolanta

Journal/Book: Psychiatria Polska. 1975; 9: 605-612.

Abstract: As part of a comprehensive treatment program, music therapy was applied to 10 hyperkinetic children with difficulties in secondary coordination and motor control, and to 10 children with anxiety neurosis who exhibited poorly developed and inadequate forms of movement as well as poor coordination. The goals of therapy included giving direction to uncontrolled movement, developing concentration and time/space orientation, encouraging self-regulation of psychomotor functions as part of visual- and audiomotor coordination, reducing anxiety, strengthening the ability for independent decision-making in solving life tasks, developing active attitudes toward self and environment, awakening aesthetic sensitivity and musical perception, and exercising memory and musical imagination. Two forms of music therapy were used: the receptive form which involves listening to music, and the active form (image-projection) also known as "plastic autoexpression of movement" and "movement-to-music." Application of these treatments allowed drug therapy to be discontinued. Functions of music therapy in the treatment of neurotic children are discussed, and detailed methods for its administration are presented. (Russian summary)

Note: active & receptive music therapy; concentration & time/space orientation & psychomotor functions & anxiety & decision making & attitudes toward self & environment & aesthetic sensitivity & music perception & memory & musical imagination; hyperkinetic & anxious neurotic children

Keyword(s): Hyperkinesis ; anxiety neurosis; music therapy; perceptual motor processes; motor processes; self concept; decision making; sensitivity personality; time disorientation; children

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