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October 2021

Fundamentals of rhythmic-psychomotor music therapy: An objective-oriented therapy for children and adolescents with developmental disturbances

Journal/Book: Acta Paedopsychiatrica. 1975; 41: 130-134.

Abstract: Rhythmic-psychomotor therapeutic measures were introduced in 1950 for therapy in infantile cerebral paresis and infantile brain damage with partial developmental retardation. The principle was later extended to group and individual therapy for psychic and developmental disturbances. For the child, the ability to join a group is an expression of developmental progress and is prepared by the central binding medium of music in the form of active cooperation. For such therapy, thorough physical and neurological diagnoses are necessary, together with a check of senses and central tool functions and an analysis of personality and conflicts. Percussion instruments, bodily movements, composing, singing, movement plays, and work in the orchestra avoid boredom, encourage cooperation, and produce an experience alternating between tension and belief. The method develops awareness of rhythmic forms and expression; promotes musical enjoyment; arouses active participation; brings patients into harmony; trains concentration; improves posture and motor coordination; improves group and life integration; coordinates respiration, speech, and song; helps patients learn parts; and trains limbs in poorly coordinated patients.

Note: rhythmic psychomotor music therapy; children & adolescents with infantile cerebral paresis & infantile brain damage with partial developmental retardation

Keyword(s): Music therapy; brain damaged; brain disorders; motor coordination; children ; adolescents

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