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October 2021

Psychologic and neurologic consequences of partial and complete cerebral commissurotomy

Author(s): Risse, G. L., Springer, S. P., Clark, D. E., Wilson, D. H.

Journal/Book: Neurology. 1975; 25: 10-5.

Abstract: Preliminary psychologic testing was carried out on four patients who had undergone surgical sectioning of a portion or all of the corpus callosum and anterior commissure as a treatment for uncontrollable seizures. Results confirm earlier findings indicating the importance of the forebrain commissures in the interhemispheric exchange of a variety of sensory and motor information, and demonstrate that particular portions of the commissural system are responsible for transferring the information of specific sensory modalities. The patients also showed surprising abilities in performing complex tasks assumed to require integration of information from both hemispheres.

Keyword(s): Cognition Disorders|ET. Corpus Callosum|SU. Epilepsy|SU. Limbic System|SU. Postoperative Complications|. Temporal Lobe|SU

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