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October 2021

Akupunktur-Analgesie und kontrollierte Beatmung - Eine neue modifizierte Anaesthesiemethode im Rahmen der offenen Herzchirurgie

Author(s): Hehrlein, F., Kalweit, K., L´Allemand, H.

Journal/Book: Thoraxchirurgie Vaskuläre Chirurgie. 1975; 23; Heft 4: 410-415.

Abstract: From October 1973 to February 1975 cardiac surgery with extracorporal circulation using Acupuncture as analgesia was performed in 88 patients in the surgical clinic of the University of Geese. Acupuncture is performed by electric-stimulation of 8 points at the lower legs, the neck and ears with 90 V and 5-6 Hz. All patients are intubated; controlled respiration is maintained with 50% 02 and 50% N20. During the whole operation, 20 minutes after intubation tile patients are responsible. The main advantage of the new method we see in a good postoperative cooperation, of the patients, which are generally extubabed in the operation room.

Keyword(s): Akupunktur-Analgesie

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