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June 2020

(Psychiatric medicine and new therapeutic orientations.)

Journal/Book: Rivista Internazionale di Psicologia e Ipnosi. 1974; 15: 21-34.

Abstract: Discusses physiogenetic, psychogenetic, socio-psychogenetic, and behavior-reflexive theories of personality disorders. Studies of the diencephalon are emphasized, and the usefulness of psychopharmacology in the treatment of serious psychic disturbances is noted. The concept of "institutional therapeutics," as proposed by M. Jones (1953) in his examination of the therapeutic community, and F. Basaglia's (1965) contributions to the renewal of psychiatry are evaluated. Other therapeutic techniques, particularly those outside traditional medical practice (e.g., acupuncture, autogenic training, music therapy, and hypnosis) are also discussed. (Spanish summary) (21/2 p ref)

Note: theories of personality disorders & therapeutic orientations

Keyword(s): Personality disorders; personality theory; psychopharmacology

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