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September 2022

Orff-Schulwerk: An effective treatment tool with autistic children

Author(s): Juhrs, Patricia D.

Journal/Book: Journal of Music Therapy. 1974; 11: 1-12.

Abstract: Cites autism, also known as Kanner's Syndrome, as the earliest occurring form of mental illness, usually manifesting itself between birth and 2 yrs. It is, in addition, one of the most severe types of disturbances affecting children. The Orff-Schulwerk treatment method for autism is described. The significant element in all group situations is that the child not only learns a certain skill or performs a task appropriately, but also becomes invested in a learning situation. For an autistic population, investment becomes the overriding focus in any activity. The most significant value of the Orff-Schulwerk technique is its ability to help even the most severely autistic child to become invested over a period of time in a meaningful group experience. A discussion of the inclusion of sign language in the method is presented.

Note: Using Smart Source Parsing Spr Orff Schulwerk treatment method; autistic children

Keyword(s): Autistic children; music therapy; child psychotherapy

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