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October 2022

The Effect of Group Guitar Instruction on Self-Concept, Attitude Toward Education, and Maladaptive Acting-Out of Adolescent Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients

Abstract: The intent of this research was to study certain effects of group guitar instruction on adolescent hospitalized psychiatric patients. The dependent variables were real and ideal self-concept, attitude toward education, and frequency of maladaptive acting out. Definitions of key terms were offered, and the general background of the problem was discussed. A review of the literature revealed only one study that was closely related to the present one, although a number of investigations of more general importance were summarized. The results were as follows:(1) The hypothesis of no difference in real self-concept between groups after treatment was retained. Analysis of variance yielded no significant F ratios. (2) The hypothesis of no difference in ideal self-concept scores between the two groups after treatment was rejected. An analysis of variance indicated significant F ratios for groups, trials, and groups by pre-post by trials interaction as well as F ratios that approached significance for pre-post and groups by pre-post interaction. However, the variance was due to changes in the control group, not in the experimental group. Interaction was accounted for by the trials and pre-post varibility in the control group. (3) The hypothesis of no difference in the posttest discrepancy between real real and ideal self-concepts for the two groups was tentatively rejected on the basis of face difference posttest self-acceptance scores for the two groups. (4) The hypothesis of no difference in group mean gain scores on an attitude toward education after treatment was retained. All t-test scores on this measure were nonsignificant. (5) The hypothesis of no difference in the frequency of maladaptive acting out between groups was retained due to the nonsignificance of t-test results. However, there was a decided trend toward the guitar group having a lower frequency.

Keyword(s): self-concept, adolescents, maladaptive, behavior, hospitalized, psychiatric-patient, guitar, group, music-instruction.

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