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July 2020


Journal/Book: Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift 43, 2193-2194. 1974;

Abstract: In the present study, the chemotactic activity of humanpolymorphonuclear granulocytes was measured using the tripeptideN-F-Met-Leu-Phe and different concentrations of extracts of Viscum albumas chemotactic stimuli. It turned out that the extracts have thecapability of stimulating chemotaxis up to 30% of the formylatedtripeptide. Incubation of isolated granulocytes for 20 minutes in mediumalone prior to assessment of chemotaxis results in a 20% loss ofchemotactic activity as compared to the freshly isolated cells.Incubation in a medium containing the mistletoe extract does not resultin partial deactivation of chemotaxis. This protective effect of theplant extract can be interpreted on the basis of an interaction with theoxidative metabolism of the granulocytes causing partialself-deactivation of chemotaxis. Interference of the extract of Viscumalbum with the oxidative metabolism of phagocytes is shown inexperiments with luminol enhanced chemiluminescence stimulated byopsonized zymosan. The data show a dose-dependent decline of photonemission in the presence of the extracts. The in vitro data measured inthe present study provide additional evidence of an immunomodulatoryeffect of extracts of Viscum album from which in vivo therapeuticeffects can be expected. Author.

Keyword(s): CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE/TU (therapeutic use)

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