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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1973

Babu Rajender Lal Dutt (1818-1889).
About entry of homoeopathy into India.
Alte volksmedizinische Gegenstände im Nationalmuseum von Reykjavik, Island.
Around the Kampo (Chinese originated traditional) medicine. (Jpn)
Early phases of homoeopathy in India.
When folk medicine flourished in the shadows of Grady Hospital.
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"The skunk and the smallpox": mythology and historical reality.
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The saints among the Saints: a study of curanderismo in Utah.
Acupuncture anesthesia.
Total exchangeable potassium, sodium and chloride in patients with severe valvular heart disease during preparation for cardiac surgery.
Symposium on the young adult in today's world: eating rituals and realities.
Acupuncture analgesia.
Electrocardiographic effects of marihuana.
Treatment of intractable pain by acupuncture.
Marihuana and communication.
Relief of pain by acupuncture.
Acupuncture anaesthesia.
Acupuncture anaesthesia.
Electro-acupuncture and pain threshold.
Acupuncture in treatment of intractable pain.
Electro-acupuncture and pain threshold.
Effect of chapattis and ultraviolet irradiation on nutritional rickets in an Indian immigrant.
Zen macrobiotic diets.
Letter: Acupuncture in treatment of intractable pain.
Letter: Acupuncture anaesthesia.
Letter: Electro-acupuncture and pain threshold.
Food habits, food faddism and nutrition.
Sudeck's syndrome
In and around the nose
Rhythm disorders during exercise test
Liver enlargement and modification of hepatic microsomal drug metabolism in rats by pyrethrum.
The effect of repeated administration of (-)- 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol on the biosynthesis of brain amines.
Drug therapy of hypertension
Treatment of psychogenic sleep disorders
Reaction of antiarrhythmic agents with aglycones and erythrophleum alkaloids.
Which are witch?
Practolol in treating tachyarrhythmias.
Marijuana induced state-dependent verbal learning.
Preparation of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol for intravenous injection.
An intravenous formulation of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol using a non-ionic surfactant.
The past four decades of progress in the knowledge of gout, with an assessment of the present status.
The treatment of arterial hypertension associated with renal insufficiency
Letter: Marijuana flashbacks.
Letter: Cannabidiol and Cannabis sativa extract protect mice and rats against convulsive agents.
Mesenteric angiographic studies in children with regional enteritis.
Letter: Reduction of audiogenic seizure by delta8- and delta9- tetrahydrocannabinols.
Chemotherapy in chronic organic brain syndrome--a review of the literature.
Where we stand.
Problems in ambulatory drug therapy. 4. Studies and human pharmacological aspects on ambulatory drug therapy of gastritis
Principles and management of antihypertensive treatments
Life and medical care in China today.
General and local postoperative therapy of inflammatory and obstructive vein diseases with BayroVas (author's transl)
Symposium on anti-arrhythmic drugs of the Swedish Society of Cardiology
Treatment of functional intestinal disturbances
Treatment of circulatory venous diseases: double-blind study with Sandovene
Comparison of acute oral toxicity of cannabinoids in rats, dogs and monkeys.
Experience in treating burns chiefly with Chinese herb medicine
Electromyographic activity in acupuncture locations during "techi"
From acupuncture therapy to acupuncture anesthesia
Acupuncture anesthesia in neurosurgery
Observations on analgesic effects of needling Chuanliao point in neurosurgery: report of 619 cases
Analysis of the effectiveness of acupuncture anesthesia in thyroidectomy
Studies on acupuncture anesthesia in laryngectomy
Clinical results of the use of acupuncture anesthesia in pulmonary resection
Acupuncture anesthesia in thoracic surgery: clinical analysis of 818 cases
Use of acupuncture anesthesia in cardiac surgery
Acupuncture anesthesia in splenectomy: report of 305 cases
Use of a acupuncture anesthesia in pediatric surgery: report of 1,308 cases
Auricular injection of physiological saline for anesthesia for tooth extraction: report of 1,250 cases
Preliminary observations on the use of acupuncture anesthesia in operations in shock and critial cases
Effect of acupuncture of the philtrum on hemorrhagic shock in cats
Electrical response to nocuous stimulation and its inhibition in nucleus centralis lateralis of the thalamus in rabbits
Role of midbrain reticular formation in acupuncture anesthesia
Electrophysiologic study of spinal reflexes under acupuncture anesthesia
Effect of needling positions in acupuncture on pain threshold of human skin
Successful treatment of postpartum hypopituitarism with decoction of Radix glycyrrhizae and Radix ginseng: report of a case
Acupuncture sensation and the electromyogram of the needle point in patients with nervous system diseases
Hospital food and possibilities of its improvement. Clinical aspects.
For and against administration of the so-called geriatric drugs
Psychopharmacology of the cannabinoids. A review.
Use of aloe in treating leg ulcers and dermatoses.
Osler on acupuncture.
The influence of focal infection in children and youth as seen by those in social medicine (author's transl)
The search for potential additional sources of leptospiral infection on the territory of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
Treatment of myasthenia gravis.
Medical beliefs and practices of the Aymara indians.
The other side of marihuana research.
Crisis, conversion, and cult formation: an examination of a common psychosocial sequence.
Chinese psychiatry. A visit to a Chinese mental hospital.
Relationship between acupuncture analgesia and neurotransmitters in the brain
Letter: Comments on "The administration of chiropractic in the New York City Medicaid program".
Should a paper on the administration of chiropractic have been published in Medical Care? With comments on derivative questions.
Preliminary experimental morphologic and electron microscopic studies of the connection between acupuncture points on the limb and segments of the spinal cord
The traditional oriental medicine and acupuncture therapy.
An introductory note to ginseng.
Anticancer Chinese herbal medicines.
The theoretical principles of manual medicine
Acupuncture analgesia in cats. A preliminary report
Neuropsychological effects of marijuana.
Pre-Inca medicine
Indians and their medicine
Modern Chinese acupuncture.
Learning from Chinese surgical operation which uses acupuncture anesthesia
Acupuncture--a measured view.
Acupuncture: its status today.
Needling, 1947; acupuncture, 1972.
Celebrating Nurses' Day and northern district nursing education symposium in the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing--the relationship of acupuncture, moxibustion and nursing care
The relationship of acupuncture, moxibustion and nursing care
Medicine in China today.
My experience with acupuncture treatment.
Root work and the root doctor.
Cultural criteria and determinants for acceptance of modern medicine among the Teton Dakota, Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota.
The challenge of acupuncture.
Inevitable decline of chiropractic.
The Carolina acupuncturer.
Acupuncture--fact or fiction.
Acupuncture: needle your patients?
Needling the profession.
Acupuncture anesthesia.
Research project on acupuncture
Dental application of acupuncture: a position statement. Council on Dental Research.
Dental school holds acupuncture seminar.
What a Western dentist found out about dental practice in the People's Republic of China.
Chiropractic: facing the question.
CDA assists in oral surgery performed under acupuncture anesthesia.
China's own way in medicine
The life and work of the dental surgeon and oral surgeon in the Peoples Republic of China.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Acupuncture: a dental case report.
Acupuncture analgesia
Anesthetic and analgesic effects of acupuncture in odonto-stomatology
Complications in treated arterial hypertension.
Homeopathic news
Homeopathic news
Case reports of tooth extraction under electric acupuncture anesthesia--a review on the side of clinical operator (author's transl)
Acupuncture analgesia
Modern scientific medical acupuncture.
Acute vestibular effects of marijuana.
Acupuncture: one man's views and perspectives.
Chronic administration of cannabidiol in man. Pilot study
The bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome. Treatment with cardiac drugs and adrenal corticosteroid.
Neurogenic interference theory of acupuncture anesthesia.
The capon stone.
The fine points of acupuncture.
Two experiences of an American public health nurse in China a quarter of a century apart.
Strategy and tactics of marijuana research.
The vegetarian diet. Scientific and practical considerations.
9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol in depressed patients.
Marihuana and tidal volume.
Letter to the editor: historical relationships between America and mainland China, with particular reference to the subject of orthopaedic surgery.
Acupuncture anesthesia in dentistry. A clinical investigation.
Acupuncture: ancient art, modern enigma.
Some aspects of the history of dietetics.
Acupuncture for therapy and analgesia. A possible application in dental surgery.
Acupuncture in nineteenth century western medicine.
The historical background of acupuncture.
Managing pulmonary edema.
Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine. An historical review.
Some early European observations on acupuncture.
Clinical evaluation of a new pharmacological association with hypotensive effect. Statistical presentation of results
Psychiatric implications of industrialization and rapid social change.
Hahnemann yesterday--its spirit lives.
Cable from Cathay.
Withering's account of foxglove and its use in children.
Results of treatment with Reparil after recent injuries
Couching for cataract in Ethiopia
Mayan physician. Dr. Thomas Gann's medical experiences in the jungles of British Honduras.
Unconsidered trifles no. 23. The Salvation Army comes to Mashonaland.
Effect of Carbo betulae D 6 in partial respiratory insufficiency
Use of Reparil in orthopedics and traumatology
The otolaryngologist of the far west.
Samuel Hahnemann
Therapeutic effects of venotonics in clinical pharmacotherapeutical evaluations by double-blind tests
Cannabis and its problems.
Yoruban contributions to the literature on keloids.
Replantation surgery surgery in China. Report of the American Replantation Mission to China.
Letter: Osler and acupuncture.
Revival of an ancient medicine. Acupuncture.
The development of psychiatric concepts in traditional Chinese medicine.
Impairment of performance with low doses of marihuana.
The making of an eclectic physician: Joseph M. McElhinney and the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati.
Seishu Hanaoka--his anesthesiology and surgery.
Drug therapy of varicosis
Medicine and superstition
Acupuncture. Possibilities in dentistry
Witch doctors by Cicely Williams from Pediatrics 46:448, 1970.
Biochemical action of Wakan-Yaku (Japanese and Chinese traditional drugs (author's transl)
Commentaries on the history of medicine. I. From primitive medicine to the Hippocratic era of medicine.
Cannabis--clinical pharmacology
The value of chemical pre-anesthesia in acupuncture anesthesia. Second report: controlled studies of the method from the Luserna Mauriziano Hospital, Turin, Italy.
China, Chinese medicine, and the Chinese medical system.
Neurological basis of pain and its possible relationship to acupuncture-analgesia.
A review of the properties and clinical effects of ginseng.
Acupuncture in the treatment of sore throat symptomatology.
Editorial: When acupuncture came to Britain.
Strength and weakness of Chinese medicine
Acupuncture anesthesia in People's Republic of China. Observations during a trip for purposes of study in 1972
Treatment of peptic ulcer.
Modification of associative evoked potentials by stimulation of acupuncture points in the cat
Acupuncture. Possibilities in dentistry
Acupuncture: a new approach in anesthesiology in the obstetrical and gynecological fields
Practical application of acupuncture analgesia.
What's new in surgery. Shock and metabolism.
The administration of chiropractic in the New York City Medicaid program.
Controversial therapeutic method: acupuncture
Antiepileptic properties of 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol.
Indigenous therapists in a Southern black urban community.
Paroxysmal tachycardia in infancy: follow-up study of 47 subjects ranging in age from 10 to 26 years.
The neurophysiological basis of the marijuana experience.
Effects of veratrum alkaloids on membrane potential and conductance of squid and crayfish giant axons.
Anaesthesia by acupuncture.
Observations on some medical procedures in the People's Republic of China.
Observations on acupuncture and reimplantation surgery in the People's Republic of China.
Traditional medicine in the People's Republic of China.
Chinese cosmogony and Yang-Yin theory.
Acupuncture in general practice.
In the spinal analysis.
Acupuncture, electric phenomenon of the skin, and postvagotomy gastrointestinal atony.
The changing face of Texas medicine.
Public seems ripe for a little heresy in treatment. But can it be controlled?
Recent progress in treatment of closed and open thoracic injuries. II
Anaesthesia by acupuncture.
Chiropractic theory has nullified legal attemps to limit treatment.
Acupuncture--an ancient Chinese method of healing.
Problems in therapy for the hypertensive patient.
Vehicle and route of administration as parameters affecting operant behavioral effects of 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol.
Bronchodilator effects of asthma cigarettes
Health quackery: chiropractic.
An experience of amagqira.
Do witchdoctors practise clinical pattern recognition?
Observations on medicinal plants.
Vegetarian diets.
Social medicine in Central Australia. The opportunities of Pitjantjara aborigines.
The doctor-patient relationship revisited. An analysis of the placebo effect.
Marijuana usage and hypnotic susceptibility.
Single-dose effects of marihuana smoke. Bronchial dynamics and respiratory-center sensitivity in normal subjects.
Delta-8- and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol comparison in man by oral and intravenous administration.
Main fields of work of the dental department
Nonmedical use of methaqualone.
Cannabis-induced hypothermia: a dose-effect comparison of crude marihuana extract and synthetic 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol in male and female rats.
The effect of psychotomimetic drugs on interferon production.
Psychologic aspects of pain.
A school for medicine men.
Psychiatry in South Korea.
Some correlates of marihuana self-administration in man: a study of titration of intake as a function of drug potency.
Subchronic oral doses of marihuana extract.
Research in Indian medicine.
Native and western healing: the dilemma of East African psychiatry.
The influence of others: witchcraft and rootwork as explanations of behavior disturbances.
Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation.
Traditional African views on health and disease.
"You win some, you lose some".
Antagonism of amphetamine locomotor stimulation in rats by single doses of marijuana extract administered orally.
Guanidine and germine in botulism.
Atypical lichen planus induced by native medicine.
Who eats for health?
Studies of large-bowel cancer: human leads to experimental application.
Adequate ventilation with acupuncture anesthesia?
Tests of acupuncture.
Effect of cannabidiol and of other cannabis sativa compounds on hippocampal seizure discharges.
Pneumothorax associated with acupuncture.
Therapy of EPH gestosis
Acupuncture: its theory and use in general practice.
Acupunctural analgesia: its explanation by conditioning theory, autogenic training, and hypnosis.
Ilnesses of the spirit among the Serer of Senegal.
An analysis of customs related to childbirth in rural Malay culture.
The patients of traditional doctors.
Tests of acupuncture.
Hepatitis-associated antigen in atomic bomb survivors and nonexposed control subjects: seroepidemiologic survey in a fixed cohort.
Acute pulmonary physiologic effects of smoked marijuana and oral 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol in healthy young men.
More tests of acupuncture.
Acupuncture anesthesia. First communication. Control of the method
Clinical experimentation on the tolerance and efficacy of Lamuran administered by phleboclysis in 39 patients with peripheral vascular diseases
Medication before anesthesia.
On chiropractors.
Bifascicular block: a clinical and electrophysiologic study.
Referrals to a psychiatric clinic in West Malaysia.
Acupuncture: the plot thickens.
Acupuncture therapy: current Chinese practice.
Diseases in the tropics: a confrontation in an African rural practice.
Family planning and indigenous medicine practitioners.
Registration of chiropractors.
Tests of acupuncture.
Profile of coronary artery disease in vegetarian community.
Acupuncture for cardioversion.
Acupuncture in the pain syndrome.
Tests of acupuncture.
Nutrition and life style. II. Observations of a nutritionist in a free clinic.
Nutrition and life style. 3. Nutrition and contemporary communal living.
Common errors in the treatment of cardiac patients.
Psychiatry in Shanghai, China: observations in 1973.
Death by cursing--a problem for forensic psychiatry.
Metabolism and distribution of cannabinoids in rats after different methods of administration.
Marijuana and synthetic 9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol: some effects on the auditory evoked response and background EEG in humans.
Wisconsin investigates chiropractors.
Smallpox and traditional medicine in the developing countries of Africa and Asia.
Effect of cannabis sativa administered by smoking on biogenic amine excretion in man.
Electric acupuncture anesthesia
Thoracic radiography showing acupuncture needles
The new vegetarians.
Medicine in China
Medicine in modern China.
Application of germine alkaloid in myasthenia gravis. 1. Chemical changes from germine diacetate to germine monoacetate
Application of germine alkaloid in myasthenia gravis. 2. Clinical application of germine monoacetate
China report: health care in the world's most populous country.
Therapy with Cor-Vel liquid in pre-digitalization
Chronic oral toxicity of cannabinoids in rats.
Therapy with Cor-Vel liquid in pre-digitalization
Experience with acupuncture anesthesia
Medicinal uses of common Indian vegetables.
Clinical experiences of Chinese acupuncture anesthesia (I)
Electrical and behavioral attenuation of the anti-convulsant properties of delta 9-TNC following chronic administrations.
Acupuncture and the acuchiropractors.
Acupuncture and suggestion.
Physician's records and the chiropractor.
Evaluation of acupuncture.
Experimental epilepsy: a histochemical and ultrastructural study.
Double-blind studies of acupuncture.
Effects of cannabis in man.
Influence of digitalis on time of onset and duration of labour in women with cardiac disease.
Local skin sensory changes after acupuncture.
Studies on EEG tolerance to marijuana in the rat.
Nutrient intake of college students under two systems of board charges--a la carte vs. contract.
Letter: Cannabis for asthma.
Letter: Chiropractic.
The chronically ill child facing death--how can the pediatrician help?
Letter: Pneumothorax associated with acupunture.
Psychiatric problems of developing countries. Based on the Morison lecture delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, on 25 May 1972.
The nature of acupuncture
Effect of reflex restorative therapy ("point" massage and acupuncture) on vascular tonus following a stroke
A case of giant cell myocarditis.
Perceptions of illness and healing.
Letter: Therapeutic potential of marihuana.
A scientific test of the chiropractic theory.
Fat embolism: a rational approach to treatment.
Acupuncture--an appraisal.
Acupuncture preparation of primigravidae as a means of shortening labour
Congenital paroxysmal tachycardia--a report of three cases.
Some social and attitudinal correlates of health care among Mexican Americans.
Access to medical care of migrants in a Honduran city.
Digitalis and diuretics: indications and peculiarities. Dangers in elderly patients
Psychopathology in Bantu culture.
Cardiovascular disease in the old.
The traditional concept of the Shona to epilepsy.
Antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol in the rat.
Small talk XXXIV
Medical education in China up to 1972
Cannabis and alcohol: effects on estimation of time and distance.
The anti-edema activity of various naturally occurring cannabinoids.
A cure for deafness reality or myth.
Letter: The influence of acupuncture on halothane MAC in dogs.
A comparison of the pharmacological activity in man of intravenously administered delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabinol, and cannabidiol.
Psychology of animism of West Africans. African way of thinking--the work of Albert Schweitzer at present
Editorial: Future development of Chinese medical journals.
Medicine: a natural science?
Electro-acupuncture. Effect on pain threshold measured with electrical stimulation of teeth.
Veterinary acupuncture: old wives' tale or new clinical tool?
Caudate nucleus effects on geriatric senility: effect of belladonna on learning and memory of geriatric patients.
Binazine--a new phthalazine derivative
Effects of digitalis on urinary bladder.
The story of acupuncture.
Cannabis research
Small talk XXXV. Manual medicine
The anticonvulsant activity of cannabidiol and cannabinol.
The relation of community context to utilization of health services in a rural area.
The use of acupuncture in anaesthesia.
Letter: Acupuncture in diagnostics and therapy
Migration as a factor in the acceptance of medical care.
Hypertensive crises and their treatment
The traditional healer in modern Arnhem Land.
Pain and cancer--a review.
Acupuncture--a current legal analysis.
Acupuncture anesthesia; concerning the first 50 cases conducted in France.
Acupuncture anesthesia. A report of two cases.
Acupuncture treatment for deafness. A preliminary report.
Why surgical operations are possible under acupuncture anesthesia.
Some insights concerning the principles of acupuncture anesthesia.
An inquiry into the analgesic principles of acupuncture anesthesia.
Loci position, meridian and anastomoses, and the principles of acupuncture anesthesia.
Abstracts from Rivista Italiana di Agotunctura Anno V-N. 13, Maggio 1972.
Nomenclature, glossary, symbols and definitions of terms. 1.
Letter: A policy toward Chinese medicine.
An introduction to classical acupuncture.
The technique of "tonicity" and "dispersal" in acupuncture.
Acupuncture and A.T.P.: how they may be related.
Efficacy of acupuncture for the treatment of sensorineural deafness.
Electrophysiological assessment of acupuncture's effect on single thalamic neurons in the cat: neural coding for pain at a thalamic level.
Acupuncture treatment for pain syndrome. I. Treatment for sciatica (report on 90 cases).
Acupuncture anesthesia in herniorrhaphy.
Personal experience with acupuncture in general surgery.
An analysis of a protable electronic stimulator manufactured in the People's Republic of China.
Acupuncture anesthesia.
Acupuncture therapeutics for deaf-mutism. From the appendix of clinical manual of treatments of common recurrent diseases employing Chinese traditional medicine.
Nomenclature, glossary, symbols and definitions of terms. II.
Letters: The activities of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for acupuncture, in Vienna, Austria.
Letters: A variant of acupuncture technique.
Dissecting rupture of vertebral artery with fatal thrombosis of vertebral and basilar arteries (author's transl)
A training-orientated medical programme in West Malaysian aboriginals.
(-) Delta 9 THC as an hypnotic. An experimental study of three dose levels.
Inhalation of cannabis smoke in rats.
Acupuncture trials in Scandinavia
10 years experience with acupuncture
Manual therapy of the spine and its indications
Everyone is talking about acupuncture.
The law and the chiropractor.
Acupuncture and the law.
The use of culture in psychiatry.
Acupuncture an ancient Chinese method of healing.
The anesthetic effect of acupuncture
Anesthesia with acupuncture and the reticular formation
Acupuncture studies in the USA: what analgesic effect does acupuncture have e.g. in cancer?
Cataracts treated by native healers in the Dakar area
Phytobezoar due to latex. Complication of the treatment prescribed by a native healer. (Apropos of a case)
A note on ideology and psychoanalytic technique.
Proceedings: Acupuncture analgesia in tonsillar surgery
Without meat, cost and cholesterol are low.
Behcet's syndrome
Studies on psycho-clinical aspects of long-term marihuana use in 124 cases.
The relation between diet and the gut microflora in man.
Popular practices and ideas about health and the medico-social infrastructure in a village in the Pyrenees
A case of infantile poisoning by topical application of Castellani's solution.
The scientific rationale for acupunctural analgesia.
The witch-doctor and tribal scarification of the skin and the hepatitis B antigen.
Methodology in the evaluation of the changes in autonomic regulation during acupuncture
The effects of chronic cannabis treatment on the aggressive behavior and brain 5-hydroxytryptamine levels of rats with different temperaments.
Acupuncture anesthesia
Clinical experiences of Chinese acupuncture anesthesia. (1)
Chinese health foods and herb tonics.
Diagnosis and treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome.
Case of a cardiac injury resulting from acupuncture
Developing a community mental health clinic on an Indian reservation.¿¿¿¿¿¿.
El Susto: a descriptive analysis.
Broncho-pulmonary antiseptics in the traditional Algerian pharmacopeia
Therapeutic methods in bradycardiac stress insufficiency of elderly health resort patients
The right and duty of hospitals to exclude chiropractors.
Letter: Acupuncture.
Training in manual therapy. The current situation.
Clinical picture and treatment of cor pulmonale (author's transl)
Primary heart insufficiency of the elderly. New findings
The paced human heart. II. Hemodynamic and ballistocardiographic correlations after digitalis administation.
Results of lens couching or results of cataract surgery Dades' oculists (cataract couching)
Development of diets for phenylketonuria patients that include the new protein-free products
Electrobiology and acupuncture (author's transl)
Observation on dietary protein utilization in vegetarians.
Acupuncture III-conclusions.
Trial of acupunctural anesthesia with electric stimulation in obstetrics. Apropos of our 1st 2 cases

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