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October 2022

Zur Diagnostik und Therapie maligner Ovarialtumoren an der 1. Universitätsfrauenklinik Wien in den Jahren 1956-64

Author(s): Siyawoschi, D.

Journal/Book: Österr Z Krebsforsch. 1972; 27: 375-391.

Abstract: Report on 213 cases of primary malignant ovarian tumors observed in women and treated during hospitalization at the Ist Women's Clinic, University of Vienna, between 1956 and 1964. While the average age was 58, 75% of the women were 50 to 70 years old. Regarding histories it must be emphasized that 25% of the patients showed a familial disposition towards cancer, 45% were nulliparous, 11,3% had previously undergorte gynaecological operations, and 18% had had post-climacteric bleedings.According to the FIGO classification 36.2% were in stage I, 17.4% in stage II, 28.1% in stage III, and 18.3% in stage IV. Histological examinations most often revealed undifferentiated carcinomas (38.9%) and serous cystocarcinomas (31.9%). Ascites was found in 43% of all patients during operation. Of the 213 women 150 were operated "radically" or at least "palliatively" (operability: 70%). In 52 cases only a test laparotomy followed by radiation therapy was possible, and in 11 patients (5,1°/o) showing advanced ovarian tumors symptomatical therapy only could be performed.In the following three types of surgical therapy (1° hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy, 2° bilateral oophorectomy, 3° unilateral oophorectomy) the rate of survival was approximately the same (51 to 47%). Primary mortality was 51%. 42% of all patients received intracavitary radium therapy and 76% of all patients underwent a post-operative X-ray treatment in three series. After a minimum control period of 5 years 73 of the 213 patients suffering from primary malignant ovarian tumors were free of symptoms (5 years survival: 34.3%).The relatively favourable results are primarily due to the fact that a large number of women suffered from ovarian malignomas in tumor stage I and that serous and pseudomucinous cystocarcinomas were frequently diagnosed.

Keyword(s): Viscum album

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