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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1971

Verbal charms in British folk medicine.
Les remèdes du vieux temps: remedies and cures of the Kaplan area in southwestern Louisiana.
The medicine man of the Apache.
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Evaluation of ajmaline therapy in 187 patients
Rival to the witch doctor.
Red stained bones from Qumran.
Treatment of arrhythmias with Gilurytmal (ajmaline)
Intermittent muscular weakness, extrasystoles, and multiple developmental anomalies. A new syndrome?
Vegetarianism in drug users.
Digitalis induced left atrial ectopic rhythm.
Combination antihypertensive therapy.
Spinal manipulation causing injury. A three-year study.
Some promising plants of popular medicine in Azerbaijan
The "Herb Book" by Johannes Kentmann of 1563
Louisiana voodoo and superstitions related to health.
Therapy of peptic ulcer and its perspectives
Unlicensed medical practice in West Malaysia.
Healing 'round the world.
Scarification, cupping and other traditional measures, with references to folk medicine in Greece and elsewhere.
Pathogenesis of essential hypertension with special reference to therapy
Peculiarities of traditional African medicines
Annual oration on doubt, dogma and dyspepsia.
The treatment of chronic hypertension.
Modern treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Therapy of hypertension in clinical practice
Marihuana: importance of the route of administration.
Injectible dispersion of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol in saline using polyvinylpyrrolidone.
Drug therapy of hypertension
Clinical pharmacology of hypertension
The chemotherapy of hypertension.
Treatment of hypertension with Detensitral. A therapeutic principle for general practice
Evaluation of the clinico-metabolic effects of administration of an association of rauwolfia, vasoactive drugs and hydroflumethiazide in a group of hypertensive patients
Comparison of four vehicles for intraperitoneal administration of -tetrahydrocannabinol.
Drug therapy in hypertension.
Current concepts: marihuana--a medical review.
Ancient Korean medicine.
Marihuana in man: three years later.
The influence of alcohol and marihuana on motor and mental performance.
Patterns and directions of medical research in West Africa.
Pharmacological aspects of Cannabis research
Marihuana and the temporal span of awareness.
Osteopathy and chiropratic.
Physicians and prehispanic medicine in Puerto Ricco
Effects of l- 1 -tetrahydrocannabinol on temporally spaced responding and discriminated Sidman avoidance behaviour in rats.
Cannabis roots.
On the use of drugs in functional polyalgias of the locomotor system
Effect of Avena sativa on cigarette smoking.
Marijuana, memory, and perception.
Prevention and control of periodontal disease.
Sugar intake and coronary heart disease.
A chapter of early medical Africana.
What is Kneipp's therapy? Indication, possibilities, limits and place in the treatment plan
Dose-response relationships to cannabis in human subjects.
Actions of various marihuana derivatives in man.
From crazy witch doctor to auxillary psychotherapist--the changing image of the medicine man.
Viscum album in the treatment of neoplasms
The drug experience as a biological problem
Recent advances in the chemotherapy of malaria.
Ulcerine and treatment of peptic ulcer.
Statement to: the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse.
Propranolol in the treatment of disturbances of the autonomic nervous system.
Distribution of marihuana in monkey brain and concomitant behavioural effects.
Conservative treatment of cerebral insufficiency. Experiences with wallerox
Principles and directives for practical treatment with cardiac glycosides
Therapy of functional intestinal disorders
Impairment of recent memory by marihuana and THC in rhesus monkeys.
Control of cerebral blood circulation time during long-term Wallerox therapy. Measurements using external scintillation counters
Intensive therapy of gestoses. Our experience in the years 1969-1971
Antibody response in rabbits following intranasal and parenteral administration of birch pollen.
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol: metabolism and disposition in long-term marihuana smokers.
The use of psychopharmacological drugs in the aged.
Medicine among the American Indians.
Clinico-therapeutic controls of the antihypertensive drugs and compounds effective on the regulation of the regional circulation
Distribution of tritium labelled delta 1-tetrahydrocannabinol in the rat brain following intraperitoneal administration.
Chronic kidney failure
Accidental digitalis poisoning in a patient without heart disease
Advertisements in Commonwealth publications for chiropractic.
Nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the small intestine and colon with giardiasis. A case with borderline serum IgA levels.
Treatment of opium addiction.
Therapeutic comparison of ajmaline and quinidine compounds in arrhythmias in absence of organic cardiopathy
17,21-di-monochloroacetyl-ajmaline in the prevention and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias
Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord in a vegan.
Interstitial radiotherapy of lower lip neoplasms using radium
Acupuncture in balneotherapy of gastrointestinal diseases and their concomitant symptoms
Clinical application of Apoplectal (drug affecting the peripheral circulation) in otorhinologic field
Evaluation of proscillaridine A effect by intravenous route with the help of some laboratory methods
Modification of the generalized Shwartzman reaction by therapeutic agents.
Therapeutic trial of an association of theophylline and proscillaridin A in the treatment of cor pulmonale and of some decompensated heart diseases
Therapy of the varicose symptom complex
Treatment of sarcoptic mange in buffaloes with indigenous remedies.
Clinical experience in the use of proscillaridin A in cardiac patients with tubercular bronchopneumopathy
Effect of cardiac glycosides on the duration of systole. A comparison between proscillaridin and strophanthin
Hemodynamic changes after intravenous administration of ajmaline in cardiopathic patients
New powerful therapeutic agents in geriatric cardiology: phosphocreatine
Experiences with Reparil in surgical diseases
Experiences with an absorbable aescin-preparation as additional therapy in cerebro-organic convulsion
Clinical pharmacology of corglycon
Sandoscill--the cardiac glycoside for daily practice
Study of the activity of a cardioactive glucoside, proscillaridin A, in ambulatory patients
Differential treatment using cardiac glycosides
Experiences with Venopyronum triplex capsules
Marihuana-induced hospitalization.
Addiction and hashish--from the psychiatrist's point of view
What the health-care consumer should know about chiropractic.
Chemotherapy of malignant ovarian neoplasms
Cardinal symptom: singultus. Pathogenesis and therapy
The effect of Reparil on post-traumatic oedema
Comparative acute toxicity of Abrus precatorius and Ormoisa seeds in animals.
A call to arms.
The Yin-Yang (cold-hot) theory of disease.
The problem of manual and reflex-(neural-)therapy
Mild hypertensive drugs.
Marihuana: standardized smoke administration and dose effect curves on heart rate in humans.
A puzzling case of cardiac arrest.
Choosing the drug to treat hypertension.
Sarcina ventriculi in human faeces.
Effect of homoeopathic drugs on plant viruses.
The effect of two tetrahydrocannabinols, ( 9 -THC and 8 -THC) on conditioned avoidance learning in rats and its transfer to normal state conditions.
Aerial medical services in Australia.
Phytotherapy of gastrointestinal disorders in the psychovegetative syndrome
Plasma structural lipids in groups at high and low risk to atherosclerosis.
Coexistent trophoblastic tumor and viable pregnancy.
A toxicologic view of marijuana.
Drug therapy of hypertension.
Western medicine in tropical lands.
Phenitrone and marihuana induced hypothermia.
Traumatic vertebral artery thrombosis.
Acute renal failure from Callilepsis laureola.
Breast feeding without pregnancy.
The chiropractic physician: a study of career contingencies.
Plenosol in the treatment of arthrotic changes
Medical aspects of witchcraft practice among the Shona.
Treatment of warts with smallpox vaccine.
New methods in medicine. Interview for "Minerva Medica" with Giuseppe Martinelli, M.D
Ajmaline in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
No. 233. Elementary prescriptions for therapy of states of excitement
Paramedical practice
Treatment of pollen allergy using the cutaneous checker square method of Blamoutier and Guibert
Specific therapy of pollinosis. Results of desensitization with two different semi-depot allergen extracts (Allpyral and Suspal)
Poverty, magic and psychotherapy. A magic-religious community in southern Italy
Psychotherapy and hypotherapy. II.
Health services in the Peoples Republic of Mongolia
Ayahuasca--the healing vine.
Psychobiological factors in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension.
Marijuana intoxication: pharmacological and psychological factors.
Time--like a vast shadow mov'd.
Clinical assay of the hypotensive effect of germelone under balneo-sanatorial conditions in Bankia
Megaloblastic anaemia among Indians in Britain.
Use of ajmaline in the therapy of arrhythmia in the aged
Some cardiovascular effects of germine-3-monoacetate.
Legal regulation of health manpower in the 1970's.
Drugs for arterial hypertension
Complicated cardiac insufficiency and recent therapeutic possibilities: case report
Traditional healers in a region of Mysore.
Aescine (1328 A.N.) in venous pathology
An antiedematous drug in phlebology: the compound 1328 AN
Medical treatment of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. Action on pain and edema (apropos of a new compound: Reparil)
Our procedure in treatment of cerebral edema
Effects of proscillaridin A on the dynamic values of cardiac revolution, measured with the polygraphic method in patients with myocardial infarct in the acute phase
Common hypotensive syndrome and its treatment
Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities
Association of proscillaridine A, thioridazine and Cori ester in the treatment of aged cardiopathic patients
Effects of marihuana compounds on the fighting behavior of Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens).
Discussion on "pharmacological studies of germine monoacetate"
Clinical trial of proscillaridin A
Therapy and prevention of edema in the urinary tract area
Skin diseases due to chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and their treatment
Treatment of phlebopathic dermatoses with a new drug combination
Personal clinical experience with Covacard in the therapy of heart insufficiency
Medical education and care in People's Republic of China.
Acupuncture anesthesia. Western medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.
Mechanocardiographic studies on the effect of peruvoside on normal human heart
Improvement of physical capacity in the swimming test by an unspecific stimulant
Preventive administration of cardiac glycosides
Problems of idiopathic phrenoplegia
Where is the allergic reaction in ragweed asthma?
Treatment of parodontopathies in the Soviet Union in the light of the literature in the years 1960-1969
Germine mono- and diacetate in myasthenia gravis.
Acupuncture--magic or medicine?
Prevention of dental diseases in Uganda. Plans for a School for Public Health Dental Assistants
Indigenous dental practice in Uganda.
My experience in psychic healing and parapsychology.
Chiropractic practice.
Primitive medicine
Dental pathology in horses and dogs
Chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis: dentistry and electro-acupuncture
Chromatographic and bioautographic estimation of plasma cobalamins in various disturbances of vitamin B12 metabolism.
Marijuana as an agent in rehabilitating alcoholics.
Position and role of radiotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer
Thin layer chromatography and U. V. spectrphotometry of alcoholic extracts of Hydrastis canadensis.
Tobacco in religious beliefs and ceremonies as well as magic and primitive medicine
Medical history taking among the Bantu tribes of South Africa.
Kindling of hope in the disadvantaged: a study of the Afro-American healer.
Naturopathy and herbalism.
Controlled verification of the usefulness of Ketoscilium in gastroenterology
Stimulating effect of the roots of Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer on the incorporation of labeled precursors into rat liver RNA.
Teratogenic compounds of Veratrum californicum (Durand). XI. Gestational chronology and compound specificity in rabbits.
Present status of myocardial revascularization.
Myospherulosis (subcutaneous spherulocytisc disease).
Auricular tachycardia with AV-block--a rare rhythmus disorder
The study of medical problems in preliterate settings.
Broxyquinoline and brobenzoxaldine with belladonna in childhood diarrhoeas.
Different look at chiropractic.
Effects of acute and chronic administration of cannabis sativa and (-) delta9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol on the behavior of rats in an open-field arena.
Changes in plasmatic serotoninemia caused by cutaneous stimulation
The effect of a strict vegetarian diet on the faecal flora and faecal steroid concentration.
Treatment of degenerative spinal diseases
Radiation exposure to a phantom patient during simulated chiropractic spinal radiography.
Dose-response analysis of the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol in man.
Therapy of acute myocardial infarct with particular reference to arrhythmia and myocardial contractibility disorders
Indications and limitations of anti-arrhythmic drugs
The ambulatory treatment of acute and chronic stomach diseases in general practice. Discussion on Carbenoxolon and Radix liquiritiae total extract preparations
Loiasis in Ijebu Division, West Nigeria.
The problem of under-doctored areas. The place of surgical aides and of services ancillary to surgery.
Depressive tendencies, alcoholics, and bad trips.
Methadone maintenance-type treatment programs for alcoholics.
Role of the indigenous medicine practitioner in two areas of India. Report of a study.
Blood-supply of infarcted myocardium from the left ventricular cavity.
The treatment of skin carcinoma with podophyllum derivatives.
Dietetic aspects in clinical practice
Doctors, quacksalvers and tradition
What the health-care consumer should know about Chiropractic.

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