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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1970

Schädeltrepanationen in Afrika. (Eine Ergänzung zu dem Beitrag von A. M. Dauer und L. v. Károlyi: "Maganga--ein wissenschaftlicher Film?" In: Med. Hist. J. 5 (1970), S. 138-144).
Medical practices and health in the Choctaw Nation. 1831-1885.
North Carolina popular beliefs and superstitions. (Section on Human body and folk medicine).
Benjamin Rush on savagism and progress.
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Indian medicine.
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The Southwestern Indian and his drugs.
Experimental and clinical testing of an aescin and heparinoid containing gel
The immunogram in different types of hypermetabolism.
Delayed ajmaline in the treatment of various arrhythmias in elderly and aged patients
Protracted chemical burns (with special reference to skin damages caused by epoxides and propansultone)
Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with N-propyl-ajmaline-bitartrate
Effectiveness of heparinoid-aescin gel
On the action of antihistaminic drugs in some arrhythmias. Case review
Response of dietary vitamin-B12 deficiency to physiological oral doses of cyanocobalamin.
Autoimmune disease
Studies on the mechanism of the therapeutic and toxic action of the horse chestnut saponin aescin
Rehabilitation of 240 patients with back complaints
Observation on the hitherto little known use of opino-gel
Meningioma of the clivus revealed by manipulations of the cervical rachis spine
Fringe medicine.
Transcultural psychiatry in the Caribbean: past, present, and future.
Angiotics. 48. I. Hypertensive agents. II. Hypotensive agents. 3. Vasodilator agents. IV. Agents for the treatment of lipid metabolism disorders
Comparison of eosinopenia caused by acupuncture of the spleen-pancreas meridian with tests of adrenal cortex stimulation (ACTH and insulin)
Clinical aspects and therapy of mycosis fungoides
Orthostatic hypotension following cyclazenine medication
The medical treatment of hypertension.
Therapy of arterial hypertension. Results, possibilities, methods
Homeopathic treatment of dental diseases
With good advice and little medicine.
Results of clinical trials of raubasin
On the pharmacology of marihuana.
In the wisdom of Congress.
Medicine in primitive Indian and Eskimo art.
Cardiovascular drugs: experience of the Drug Efficacy Study (DES).
Forensic science in China--traditional and contemporary aspects.
Quacksalvers, physicians' constant companions
Seminole Indian Medicine.
Josie Billie, Seminole Doctor, Medicine Man and Baptist Preacher.
The marihuana-induced "social high". Neurological and electroencephalographic concomitants.
Psychiatry in traditional Chinese medicine.
A controlled trial of glycopyrronium and l-hyoscyamine in the long-term treatment of duodenal ulcer.
Use and abuse of antihypertensive drugs in the treatment of elderly patients
Temporal disintegration and depersonalization during marihuana intoxication.
Chemotherapy of malignant tumors. 44
Daniel Gottlieb Messerschmidt (1685-1735), physician from Gdańsk and explorer of Sibezia
Production of latticed-tulle bandage and its utilization
AFL-CIO fact sheet on chiropractic.
Combined dihydralazine and propranolol in the treatment of hypertension.
Recent studies on the active principles of Jamaican medicinal plants.
Treatment of papillomatosis of the larynx (review of foreign literature)
Escherichia coli with resistance factors in vegetarians, babies, and nonvegetarians.
Muscular cramp in the calf caused by pregnancy. Therapy in a blind study
Health and medical practice in the Choctaw Nation, 1880-1907.
Use of ajmaline in the therapy of various heart arrhythmias and comparison with the classic antiarrhythmic drug quinidine
Historical stages of the development of pharmacology
Histological studies of tissue reaction and storage of histoacrylic adhesives in the adhesion of artificial experimental hypospadias
Uses of Australian orchids by Aborigines and early settlers.
History of traction treatment
Strophanthin-convallatoxol. Clinical comparative double-blind trial
Psychological studies of marijuana and alcohol in man.
Medicinal plants and phytotherapy in Pliny the Elder in the 1st century
Evidence of a prehistoric physician in Virginia.
Pollen-white cell interactions.
Treatment of chronic connective tissue diseases with cytostatics
Epizootic of acanthocephaliasis among primates.
Trial of a new central and peripheral vaso-regulator therapeutic agent: DF 69
Marihuana and the diabetic coma.
4'-Demethyl-epipodophyllotoxin thenylidene glucoside (VM 26), a podophyllum compound with a new mechanism of action.
New developments in the therapy of venous diseases, especially varices
An endoscopic evaluation of gastric ulcer treated with a mixture containing bismuth ammonium citrate.
Cytological and biochemical changes in the synovial fluid after intraarticular treatment with immunosuppressive agents
Degeneration in the peripheral visual pathway of vitamin B12-deficient monkeys.
Prenatal care in primitive countries
Fight against superstition.
Acupuncture; "modern" medicine
Timothy pollen fractions in treatment of hay fever. I. Clinical and immunological response to small and higher molecular weight fractions.
An essay at the treatment of cigarette dependence.
Law number 493
Facultative drug treatmt of neurotic complaints in alcoholics.
Homeopathic report
Studies on peptic ulcer disease with special reference to the effect of l-hyoscyamine.
Atrial flutter with 1:1 A-V conduction.
Positive and negative effects of cytostatic therapy in rheumatic patients
Spasmophilic treatment with acupuncture
O-T-C products for corns, calluses, warts.
How I treat condyloma acuminatum.
Psychotropic agents in the generation of rebels
Inhibition of sweating by salts of hyoscine and hyoscyamine.
Ketoscilium in visceral colics: a controlled test of its effectiveness
Cigarette nicotine content as a determinant of human smoking behavior.
Preventive treatment of arrhythmia in acute phase of myocardial infarct
The pediatrician and the marijuana question.
Cannabis substitution. An adjunctive therapeutic tool in the treatment of alcoholism.
Therapy in cytoxan hemorrhagic cystitis.
Rheocencephalographic changes in cerebral vascular diseases in the aged treated with the association of Raubasine and ergot alkaloids
Old and new anti-arrhythmia drugs. Indications, contra-indications, dosage and activity. Review
Belladonna as a drug for prophylactic and abortive treatment of coryza
Medical education and medical practice in Korea.
Antihypertensive agents
Significance and methods of hemeopathic medicine. (The opinion of Professor Antonio Negro)
Medicine and magic.
Veganism, clinical findings and investigations.
Current management of juvenile laryngeal papillomata.
Ajmaline in the therapy of cardiac arrhythmias. Description of 17 cases
Analysis of the results of regional chemotherapy for carcinomas of the orofacial region.
Antiarrhythmia drugs
Shamanism and concepts of disease in a Mayan Indian community.
Preoperative medication for children.
2 years as Lamco-physician: tropical medicine, outland problems, medicine-men
Pharmacology of N-propyl-ajmaline bromide (NPAB)
Analgesic effect of acupuncture in comparison with the effect of various analgesics following tonsillectomy
Witch doctors.
Importance of homeopathy in the dental art
Double auricular and ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia
The medical effects of marihuana.
Clinical and physiopathological observations on the treatment of chronic cor pulmonale with an association of theophylline and proscillaridin A
Ophthalmologic examination on tolerance and therapeutic effect of Visuphrine
Theo-talusin dragée for low-risk heart therapy
Clinical evaluation of the association of proscillaridin and beta-hydroxy-ethyl-theophylline in the treatment of cardiac insufficiency
Preliminary experiments on the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabis.
Comparative studies of reaction differences in guinea pigs, cats and dwarf pigs to convallatoxin, digoxin and digitoxin
Chemical constitution and teratogenic effect in rats. 3. N-alkylcarbonhydrazides, hydrazine derivatives
Treatment of hay fever
Cardioversion of paroxysmal arrhythmias.
Fungistatic effect of aescin on Dermatophytes in vitro
Put up or shut up.
Synergistic antitumor effects of an ethylhydrazide derivative of podophyllic acid combined with x-rays.
New Zealand, a country of its own.
Effect of podophyllin alkaloids on the blood protein pattern in multiple myeloma
Liver cell regeneration in prophylaxis and treatment of carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity.
Seminole medicine.
Controlled clinical study of the oral use of Ketoscilium in dyskinetic-spastic disorders of the digestive tract
Evaluation of the inhibiting activity of a new parasympatholytic, Ketoscilium, on gastric secretion in humans
Thai "injection doctors"; antibiotic mediators.
Medicine and the Zulu.
Comparative effects of smoking marihuana or placebo on human motor and mental performance.
Adverse marijuana reactions: a critical examination of the literature with selected case material.
Role of ajmaline in the therapy of heart arrhythmias. 10 years' clinical experience
Ascorbic acid requirements in atherosclerosis and hypertension
Serum vitamin B 12 levels in Indian psychiatric patients.
Pollinosis in children. Their treatment with delayed allergens
Considerations on the use of ajmaline in Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
Measles in tropical Africa
Indigenous Malay psychotherapy.
The problem of epilepsy in Ethiopia.
Effects of (--) delta-9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol and a synthetic derivative on maze performance of rats.
A rare case of carcinoma of the skin arising after acupuncture (case report)
Pediatric specialist in South Arabia
Treatment of supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardias
Clinical experimentation with a new anti-vertigo and anti-nausea drug: R.306
Therapeutic use of loverat in hypertensive disease
Hypnosis and the adolescent drug abuser.
Psychiatric care and sociocultural reality. On resource utilization in developing countries
Experimentation with Aparadoxal in pediatrics
On the technic of chiropractic
Experimental studies with Proresid in inoculated sarcoma of the mouse
Cardiac involvement in tetanus
Problems in the chemotherapy of cervical carcinoma in the experience of the Göttingen University Gynecologic Clinic
Viral diseases of the exernal female genitalia. 4. Condylomata acuminata and verrucae vulgares
Quantitative comparative studies on the changing of the ventricular fibrillation threshold by antifibrillatory substances
Correlations between reactive hyperemia and response to vasodilator agents in patients with obliterating arteriopathies of the lower limbs
Medical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
The evolution of peculiar disorders of rhythm and conduction in acute myocardial infarct
Oral action of N-propyl-ajmaline bitartrate. I. Preliminary note
An analysis of marijuana toxicity.
Psychopathological and psychosocial aspects of epilepsy in a transcultural milieu
Epilepsy in Rhodesia, Zambia and Malawi.
Anti-arrhythmia action of ajmaline
Transient cerebral ischemia: some clinico-therapeutic considerations in geriatrics
1 -tetrahydrocannabinol, synhexyl and marijuana extract administered orally in man: catecholamine excretion, plasma cortisol levels and platelet serotonin content.
Clinical experiences with Rauwolfia alkaloid raubasin (Lamuran) in arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation disorders
Psychophysiological reactions to cigarette smoking.
Dynamics of medical practice in a folk community.
Clinical studies of the method of application of antineoplastic agents
The internal combination treatment of the varicous lower led edema
Aescin (=Reparil) in cerebral circulation disorders. Clinical and ophthalmodynamographic observations
Use of reparil gel in traumatology and phlebology
Treatment of varicose symptom complex in gynecology with Rexiluven
Treatment of varicose syndrome with Venopyronum
The importance of treating so-called prevaricosis also from the psychosomatic and preventive viewpoints
A new approach to the problem of allergic nasal disorders.
Therapy of varicose symptom complex with Rexiluven
Conservative therapy of prostatic complex
Current experience with the cardioactive glycoside proscillaridine A
Intracutaneous hormone therapy activates local blood flow
Modification of blood coagulation by O-( -hydroxyethyl)rutosides
Experience with a new gel-form aesculus preparation
Problems in vertebral manipulations: osteopathy and chiropractic. (Opinion of Professor Alberto Lodispoto)
Clinical test concerning the pharmacodynamics of tritium-marked aescin
Spinal meningeal hematoma, warfarin therapy, and chiropractic adjustment.
Intravenous injection of crude marihuana.
Marijuana users' views of marijuana use.
Behavior of liquor pressure in brain edema experimentally induced by triethyltin sulfate. Effect of aescin therapy
The effect of drug therapy on the processes of cerebralcompensation (an experimental study)
New Haven survey of joint diseases. XIV. Social class and behavior in response to symptoms of osteoarthrosis.
On the examination of ginseng and powdered ginseng in 1969

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