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December 2022

The use of ion exchange cellulose columns with the Technicon AutoAnalyser technique for the fractionation of peptides

Journal/Book: COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANIZATION Reprinted from" Journal of Chromatography" Vol. 32 No. 1 Page; Nos. 193-194 (1968). 1968;

Abstract: Division of Protein Chemistr CSIRO Wool Research Laboratories Melbourne Victoria (Australia) The fractionation of enzymic digests of proteins is an important step in techniques for determination of their amino acid sequence. One technique commonly used for this is chromatography using an ion exchange resin in conjunction with a fraction collector. The usual technique for the location of the peptides in the fractions is by estimation of the colour produced by ninhydrin with (a) suitable aliquots taken directly from each fraction and (b) similar aliquots which have been hydrolysed by alkali. CATRAVAS1 has described a technique using the Technicon AutoAnalyser which permits the continuous monitoring of the column eluate. In this procedure the effluent stream from the column is split into three streams. . . .

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