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September 2022

Zur Kenntnis der Inhaltsstoffe von Viscum album, III - Isolierung und Reinigung cancerostatischer Proteinfraktionen

Author(s): Seel, A., Stoll, M., Müller, J.

Journal/Book: Hoppe Seyler's Z Physiol Chem. 1968; 349: 125-147.

Abstract: Pressed juices of mistletoe (Viscum album) inhibit tumour growth: the inhibition was shown to be chiefly associated with protein. A procedure is described for the 500—2500-fold purification of a highly active cancerostatic protein complex. by various ammonium sulphate fractionations, dialysis, salting in, and further purification on DEAE-Sephadex.In order to determine the optimal conditions for the isolation of the easily denatured active components, the influence on the yield of harvest time, host tree place of growth and a series of experimental conditions was studied, using 26 purification procedures with 15 different harvested samples. The isolated pralines were further characterised by Sephadex chromatography, different methods of electrophoresis, ultrarcentrifugation, and amino acid and elementary analysis. The only sure method for the test of cancerostatic activity is the in vivo test with animal tumours, but the most suitable method for following the analysis of individual components was a modified electrophoresis on cellulose acetate. According to all the data obtained, the active components are basic proteins, mol. Wt. approx. 60.000, and they are similar to the histones. Their cancerostatic activity is one of the highest known.

Keyword(s): Viscum album

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