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October 2022

The Asymmetry Potential Effect across Nonuniform Ion Selective Membranes

Journal/Book: The Journal of Physical Chemistry Volume 71 Number 12 November 1967. 1967;

Abstract: by A. M. Liquori Centro Naziorale di Chimica della Macromolecole Sezione lll Laboratorio di Chimica Fisica Istituto Chimico Uniueraitd. di Roma Roma Italy and C. Botré Istituto di Chimica Farmaceutica Universitd di Roma Roma Italy Accepted and Transmitted by The Faraday Society (March 19 1967) The unusual electrochemical behavior of previously described asymmetric membranes is explained using a model system as reference. It is concluded that these membranes act as microcells made of elements with different permselectivity coefficients separated by highly swollen gels of polystyrenesulfonate. Asymmetrie membranes made of two films of collodion polystyrenesulfonic acid with different Charge densities sandwiching a film of polystyrenesulfonic acid show after sodium exchange an electrochemical behavior very close to that of the previously described asymmetric membranes. The asymmetry potential between two identical electrolyte solutions separated by such a membrane is theoretically explained according to the thermodynamics of irreversible processes.

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