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October 2022

Festschrift, Theodore Hoelty-Nickel; a collection of essays on church music

Author(s): Hoelty-Nickel, Theodore

Note: Edited by Newman W. Powell. Aims and directions of the international movement in the area of church music, by F. Hofmann.--The divine pattern for art, by M. J. Naumann.--Criteria of church music in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, by W. E. Buszin.--Church music as art, by O. Soehngen.--Music in the church, whose responsibility? by M. A. Bichsel.--The church music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, by R. Wienhorst.--Voice training and sound ideal as a means of musical interpretation in choral music, by W. Ehmann.--Kirnberger on dance rhythms, fugues, and characterization, by N. W. Powell.--The aesthetics of improvisation, by P. Gehring.--New perspectives in hymn accompaniment, by W. Mudde.--Perceptible trends in the conceptual theory of the modern organ, by P. G. Bunjes. @ MUSIC [c.1]

Keyword(s): Church music.

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