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October 2022

Reconstructing African culture history

Author(s): Gabel, Creighton, Northwestern University (Evanston Ill. )

Journal/Book: African research studies, no. 8. 1967; Boston,. Boston University Press. x, 246.

Abstract: 67025932 Edited by Creighton Gabel and Norman R. Bennett. Consists chiefly of papers presented at a symposium held at Northwestern University in November 1962. Bibliographical footnotes. A record of early agriculture and metallurgy in Africa from archaeological sources, by J. D. Clark.--Ethnology and African culture history, by H. S. Lewis.--African languages and African pre-history, by R. W. Wescott.--The use of oral tradition in African culture history, by J. Vansina.--The use of music as a technique of reconstructing culture history in Africa, by A. P. Merriam.--African art and culture history, by R. Sieber.--The origin of the sickle-cell gene, by F. B. Livingstone.--The bearings of botanical evidence on African culture history, by E. Anderson.--Biosystematics of cultivated plants, by J. R. Harlan.--Murdock's classification of tropical African food economies, by M. P. Miracle. Coda: Toward an interdisciplinary method for African culture history, by C. Gabel.

Keyword(s): History Research.. Africa Historiography.

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