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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1966

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Treatment of Sudeck's syndrome with Reparil
On a vascularized nerve-ending corpuscle of the Krause end-organ type
Anti-edema drug for the therapy of Sudeck's syndrome
"A case of..."
Ajmaline (Gilurytmal) therapy in heart rhythm disorders in pediatrics
My aching back.
Fractionation of urinary biocolloids in children and adults by gel filtration.
On tradition of exotic drugs: faufal (Areca catechu L.)--the betel nut
Products of folk medicine used by the Belorussians
Cryosurgical treatment of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis.
A successful management of the peptic ulcer patient in industry.
A new hypotensive agent: L.D. 3612 H
Clinical effectiveness of anti-motion-sickness drugs. Computer review of the literature.
1st anniversary of the "International Association of Electroacupuncture"
New drugs in the treatment of arrhythmias
A contribution to the treatment of cardiac insufficiency with coronary insufficiency
American paleomedicine. The Cuzcatecan treatment of tinea
The treatment of chronic prostatitis with pollen
Treatment of parkinsonism with the Bulgarian preparations INHA-17 and bellazon
Viet Cong medicine.
Cryptenamine-based mixtures for chronic therapy of benign arterial hypertension.
The effect of some rauwolfia alkaloid and EDTA derivatives on experimental cardiac arrhythmia.
The effects of vasoactive drugs on the retinal circulation.
Ajmalin treatment of some cardiac arrhythmias in patients with severe cardiovascular failure.
Contribution to the rheumatic etiopathogenesis of the Wolff--Parkinson--White syndrome.
Anisotropine methylbromide for relief of gastrointestinal spasm: double-blind crossover comparison study with belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital.
Aloe--a valuable medicinal plant
Childbirth practices in two primitive cultures-implications for modern maternity care.
Mouth diseases and excoriation at the level of the lips.
Relations between homeopathy and orthodontics
Dialectics in its relation to homeopathy, acupuncture and naturism
The staff of Asklepios. A theory of origin supported by clinical ethnopsychiatry.
Diseases of the mouth and fissures of the lips
Considerations on naturalist methods
The treatment of periodontosis by injections of aloe extract and their influence on the phosphorus-calcium metabolism
The effect of long-term vegetable diet on serum lipid and lipoprotein levels in man.
The homeopathic treatment of dental diseases in an Italian treatise of the middle of the 19th century
Homeopathy and acupuncture. Mouth diseases and fissured commissures
Additional information on the practice of acupuncture. Localization of points, the punctometer--Galvanopuncture
Religion and magic in primitive peoples
Remission in severe chronic myeloid leukemia after cytostatic treatment
On a long lasting remission of myelocytic leukemia following cytostatic therapy
DC countershock for cardiac arrhythmias.
Essay on the therapeutic value of acupuncture
Kwashiorkor and tetanus neonatorum. Clinical observations on geographic pediatrics in Haiti
Liver findings in acute phosphorus poisoning in man
Hypertensive treatment with veratrum alkaloids and thiazides alone and in combination.
Hall of Fame. Mexican Room depicts history of Mexican medicine, surgery.
Hall of Fame. Mexican Room depicts history of Mexican medicine, surgery.
Ajmaline in the treatment of arrhythmia
Unalgen with atarax in different types of pain.
Thirty years of clinical research and confirmation of the intestinal nosode dysentery co.
Aztec medicine.
The electroencephalogram in veganism, vegetarianism, vitamin B12 deficiency, and in controls.
Treatment of light to medium severe heart insufficiency with a combined preparation Stabilocard
Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy.
Medical affairs in the city archives in Zamość. The prejudices and superstitions
Internal treatment of carcinoma with the cytostatic Proresid
Jerzy Andrzej Helwig (1666-1748) 300th-anniversary of his birth
Tribal surgery in East Africa during the XIXth century. 1. Ritual operations.
Podophyllin-salicylic acid solution in treatment of basal cell carcinomas.
Nutritional studies of vegetarians.
The treatment of hypertension with a combination of veratrum and epithiazide.
Helpful hints for all kinds of diseases in Guatemala
The pharmacology and clinical use of rauwolfia, hydralazine, thiazides, and aldosterone antagonists in arterial hypertension.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of ancient Hawaiian medicine.
Powwow in Pennsylvania.
The last time on chiropractic
Stimulating eructation and vomition in normal and bloated ruminants with alkaloidal extracts from Veratrum spp.
The medicine men in Africa (from the viewpoint of the mission physician)
Ajmalin--a new anti-arrhythmic drug
Chinese traditional medicine.
Megaloblastic anemia in an adult vegan.
Treatment of myasthenia gravis with germine diacetate.
On treatment of rhythmic disorders in recent myocardial infarct
Therapy among primitive people
Intravenous Ajmalin (Gilurytmal) therapy of paroxysmal disorders of the heart rhythm
Surgical problems in West Africa.
Experimental screening of the anticonvulsive activity of certain plants used in popular medicine in Bulgaria.
Yoruba mothers: a study of changing methods of child-rearing in rural and urban Nigeria.
Report on chiropractic. The nature of chiropractic.
Can a homeopathic approach still be meaningful in our practical thinking and action of today?
Chiropractic. An attempt at a summarizing conclusion
Co-operative clinical trial of alpha-methyldopa. 3. Double-blind control comparison of alpha-methyldopa and chlorothiazide, and chlorothiazide and rauwolfia.
Original therapy in the Amazonas region of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia
Digitalis and ajmaline in the treatment of some disorders of rhythm in patients with or without cardiac decompensation. Electrophysiological considerations and clinical results
A five-year follow-up of treating cancer with cobalt radiation and cytotoxic drugs.
Use of ajmaline by venous route and of procaine amide in the treatment of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
Renal pharmacodynamics of antihypertensive drugs: clinical applications.
Studies of vegetable diets. I. Nitrogen balance and some physiological effects of vegetable diets on normal individuals
Peru--cultural peculiarities and psychiatric phenomena. II.
Homeopathy in the light of modern pharmacology.
Chiropractic in Massachusetts.
Geriatric contribution to the treatment of hypertension (excluding reserpine)
On electrocardiographic changes induced by intravenous ajmaline in supranodal paroxysmal tachycardia
Use of ajmaline in the treatment of arrhythmia
Scarifications of the skin in ischemic pain in the legs
Treatment of chronic right-heart lesions. Proscillaridin for cor pulmonale and the senile heart.
Methods of acupuncture and localized burns are being revived in China
Clinical experiences with the "little heart therapy" acting on the myocardium and coronary vessels
On the problem of early orthostatic disorders
Peroral therapy of the varicose symptom complex with Essaven
Treatment of the varicose symptom complex and other pain states with Venopyronum
Contribution to the clinical treatment of the varicose symptom complex
Homeopathic soup made from the shadow of a pigeon's wing.
Unusual remedies and their hidden value.
Report on the state of homeopathy in France in 1965.
Cases of bronchial asthma treated with Morgan and Proteus.
Homeopathic seasonings.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
Brief study course in homeopathy. The problem of suppression.
Treatment of coronary disease in the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.
From allergy to potency.
Homeopathy and psoriasis.
Brief study course in homeopathy.
Psycho-pathological test on animals by reserpine and Cicuta virosa, according to the homeopathic laws of analogy and identity.
Carcinoma of the breast also treated by homeopathy.
Clinical experiences of interest to neophytes.
Some of the important variables in homeopathy.
Homeotherapeutics in infectious and contagious disease.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
Medical freedom.
The principle of totality in the selection of the remedy.
Mental portraits of remedies familiar and unfamiliar. II.
Time and the nosodes.
Some criteria of improvement.
Constitutional prescribing.
The why of failures in some cases well prescribed for.
Lesser used remedies.
Acute case taking.
Therapy of smallpox vaccination reactions.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
A brief study course in homeopathy: the value and relation of diet to our homeopathic remedies.
Five important drugs in industrial medicine.
Multum in parvo.
Omission of belladonna preparations in general anesthesia
On the drug therapy of arrhytmias
The impact of culture and the norms of disease.
Traditional native and western medicine side by side in tropical countries.
Medical quackery: medicine and chiropractic.
Submicroscopic changes in human cancer cells under the effect of SP-I and SP-G "Sandoz"
Impressions on a recent visit to China (April-May, 1966).
The prophylaxis of carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity by total belladonna alkaloids.
Our experience with acupuncture in otorhinolaryngology. (Preliminary report)
On the treatment of hypertension
Possibilities of limitations of chirotherapy in rheumatic diseases of the spine from the viewpoint of the orthopedist
Evaluation of a hypotensive agent diuraupur
Experience in the therapeutic use of podophyllin in some dermatoses
The influence of combined Rauwolfia-saluretic therapy on the hemodynamics of hypertensive patients
Quackery. Health education as a control.
Focus on chiropractic.
The long-term therapy of hypertension
Maladjustment diseases as characteristics of holistic medicine
Treatment of malignant tumors with SP-I/SP-G Sandoz (Proresid)
On drug therapy of gastric diseases
Medicine and chiropractic.
The treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders
A study of the folk medicine of Nigeria
Aerosol therapy in the complex treatment of children with chronic pneumonia
Experience with the use of acupuncure in ambulatory conditions in some pediatric diseases
The use of dimecarbine in patients with hypertensive disease
How can the difficulties in the antihypertensive therapy of prolonged pregnancy be prevented?
The acupunture operation for revascularization of the ischemic myocardium. Experimental evaluation
Specific desensitization in hay fever with commercial allergen extracts
The drug therapy of hypertension
Experiments with dimecarbine treatment of patients with hypertensive disease
Clinical pharmacology of anti-arrhythmic drugs and medical treatment of arrhythmias
Treatment of juvenile papilloma of the larynx with resin of podophyllin.
Studies with Proresid (SP-I) in various transplantable tumors
On the therapy of the combination form of Adams-Stokes syndrome with orciprenaline
Studies with Proresid (SP-I) in various innoculation tumors
The treatment of bronchial asthma and the combination treatment of acute and chronic bronchial, bronchopulmonary and pulmonary infections with Asthma 23D. An experience report of medical practice during the time period of 5 years
On the treatment of renal colic with a new muscle relaxant, Ketoscilium
Results of conservative treatment of patients with endarteriosis and atherosclerosis of vessels of the extremities in out-and inpatient conditions
Studies of the effect of tissue preparations on the function of some biological catalysts
Prolongation of the antifibrillatory action of ajmaline
Minor cardiac therapy in general practice
The meaning of subincision of the urethra to aboriginal Australians.
Ipepharm therapy of the arteriosclerotic syndrome
On the treatment of chronic rhinopathy
Acrolein dermatitis in the region of the external male genitalia
Experimental study of the efficacy and toxicity of various male-fern preparations
Opinion poll on family planning in the municipalities of Popayan and Timbio
Efficacy of new methods of therapy of hymenolepiasis
Changes of the electrocardiograms of heart disease patients caused by the administration of proscillaridin A
On possible field effects of the solvent phase of succussed high dilutions.
Modern instrumentation for the evaluation of homeopathic drug structure.
Dielectric strength testing of homeopathic dilutions of HgCl2.
Effects of sulphur dynamizations on onions.
Laboratory experience with homeopathic remedies.
Thallium metallicum, a proving.
The effect of oral variolinum on subsequent primary vaccination.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
Adrenalin, iron and the principle of least action.
The law of similars and empiricism.
Pathological prescribing.
Pathogenesis of some new Mexican drugs.
Metals for healing.
"When the indicated remedy fails...".
Five remedies useful in pediatric practice.
Repertory of foot-sweat.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
Poisoning from ingestion of asthma "powders".

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