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September 2022

Skin Temperature Recording with Phosphors: A New Technique

Journal/Book: Reprinted from THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL 92 255-260 February 6 1965. 1965;

Abstract: RAY N. LAWSON M.D. F.R.C.S.[C] F.A.C.S.* and LESLIE L. ALT † Montreal Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers Washington D.C. October 2 9. 1964. From the Department of Experimental Surgery Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill University Montreal P.Q. † General Electric Company X-Ray Department Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A. ABSTRA

Keyword(s): New knowledge of temperature irregularities associated with various disease states has resulted in increasing interest in the recording of heat radiation from the human body. Infrared radiation from the skin is a surface phenomenon and the amount of such radiation increases with temperature. Previous recording techniques have been not only crude but difficult and expensive. An unconventional thermal imaging system is described which gives superior temperature patterns and is also simpler and cheaper than any of the other available procedures. This system is based an the employment of thermally sensitive phosphors which glow when exposed to ultraviolet illumination in inverse proportion to the underlying temperature. The thermal image can be directly observed or more critically analyzed and photographed an a simple closed-circuit television monitor. ___MH

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