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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1961

Ambulant phytotherapy in liver and bilary tract diseases
Experience in the treatment of patients with vasomotor rhinitis with acupuncture
The hazards of chiropractic and osteopathic treatment
Splendor and misery of therapy, with remarks on homeopathy
Keynotes I have verified.
Internal relations and dynamics in metabolic changes in intoxications in the example of some poisonings with simple substances and conclusions for drug therapy
A drug evaluation with Bryonia
Clinical-laboratory observations in acupuncture treatment of sex disorders in men
Remarks on the statements of Dr. Stengel
Serpents and homeopathy
On the problem of mechanisms of therapeutic effects during acupuncture
The metabolism of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in undernourished children. 7. The effect of partial or complete replacement of rice in poor vegetarian diets by pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoideum).
On the problem of the "scientific value" of homeopathy and its "theory of similarity"
Meniere's disease and the cervical spine.
The Maissiat phenomenon in dorsal massage. A contribution from the experience with manual therapy
The place of phytotherapy in naturopathy
On the problem of the scientific value of homeopathy
Indian phytotherapy
Public regulation of chiropractic.
Precautions necessary when using a homeopathic remedy.
Results of the treatment of dermatoses with homeopathic preparations
Use of acupuncture in glaucoma
The unlimited response.
Some astonishing cures by mental remedies.
"Hazards of chiropractic and osteopathic treatment"
Effect of acupuncture on the course of severe recurrent radiculitis
Experience with the use of acupuncture in chronic recurrent neuralgia (neuritis) of the trigeminal nerve
Acupuncture therapy of some forms of psychoses and neuroses
Poliomyelitis immunization: a final report.
The totality of the symptoms.
On the problem of the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of facial neuritis
Influenza and influenzosis.
International homeopathic research program.
Observations on homeopathy.
The frequently dramatic effectiveness of the infinitesimal dose.
The use of chen-chiu therapy in combined treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children
Cases demonstrating efficiency of medical treatment.
Homeopathy as a method of individual therapy
Status of homeopathy in South America.
A model bladder for the study of acupuncture
Chest pain after pneumonectomy cured by acupuncture
Acute appendicitis treated by acupuncture
Acupuncture as a method in reflex therapy
Reflections on the human constitution
On the therapeutic effect of acupuncture
The treatment of internal organs through the skin
On phytotherapy of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract
On Chinese acupuncture
Dosage as a pragmatic argument in homeopathy (with a contribution to its interpretation as a stimulation therapy)

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