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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
September 2022


Journal/Book: Int. 1. Air and Water Poll. Pergamon Press 1961. Vol. 4 Nos. 3/4 pp. 168-184.. 1961;

Abstract: California Institute of Technology Pasadena California (Received 1 April 1960) Abstract-The paper gives a theoretical treatment of the kinetic aspects of free gas molecules and their interaction with the surface of air-borne particles. It aims at a physical interpretation of aerosol synergism in general and in particular of the intensification of toxic (or irritant) gas traces by certain aerosol types. Aerosols can act as intensifiers of the physiological reaction if their substance has a sorptive affinity for the toxic gas component large enough to produce an accumulation an the particle surface but smaller than the affinity of the tissue surface which they contact in order to effect a transfer of the molecules thereon. If the particle affinity substantially exceeds that of the tissue an attenuation of the effect should occur. The theoretical functions derived from these assumptions are applied qualitatively to the data reported by LABELLE et. al. (1955) for 27 gas-aerosol combinations and quantitatively to those by AMDUR (1960) an the effect of NaCI aerosols in the presence of HCHO and good agreement is obtained. Within the margin of experimental error the data can be described quite accurately by the theoretical functions and no conflict is apparent. ___MH

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