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October 2022

Quantitative Extraction of Acid-soluble Human Skin Collagen with Age

Journal/Book: Reprinted from Nature Vol. 196 No. 4852 pp. 375-376 October 27 1962. 1961/1962;

Abstract: This work was partially supported by U.S. Public Health Service grant 2G-125. S. BAKERMAN Department of Pathology and Oncology University of Kansas Medical Center Kansas City. 1 Harkness R. D. Biol. Rev. 38 3399 (1961). 2 Gallop P. Arch. Biochem.. Biophys. 54 486 (1955). 3 Boedtker H. and Doty P. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 78. 4267 (1956). 4 Bakerman S. and Hersh R. T. Biochem. (submitted for publication). 5 Conway E. J. Microdiffusion Analysis and Volumetric Error fourth ed. (C. Lockwood and Co. London 1957). 6 Widdowson E. M. and Dickerson J. W. T. Biochem. J. 77 30 (1960). IT has been shown that the acid-extractable collagen from the skin decreases with age (see review by Harkness1) but no quantitative data are available in man or animals which permit correlation of extractable collagen with growth development and age over the entire life-span. This communication presents and discusses such findings in man. Specimens of skin were obtained at autopsy within 8 h of death from accident cases or from patients suffering from non-debilitating diseases. Total body skin was ... schö

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