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December 2022

Conditioned Avoidance Behaviour induced by Low-Dose Neutron Exposure

Journal/Book: Reprinted from: Nature Vol. 185 No. 4708 pp. 261-262 January 23 1960. 1960;

Abstract: Biological and Medical Sciences Division U.S. Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory San Francisco 24 California. PREVIOUS studies have demonstrated that exposure to low-intensity - or X-rays over a period of 1 hr. or more leads to aversive behaviour in rats1-4 The avoidance behaviour is a learned response dependent upon an association between discriminative Stimuli and exposure to radiation. The most sensitive test developed so far involves the use of distinctive taste Stimuli. Rats will normally consume saccharinflavoured water in preference to tap water However if a rat tastes this solution during a 6-hr. exposure to gamma-rays resulting in a total dose of 30 r. it will exhibit a marked decrement in preference for saccharin which persists for several weeks post-irradiation. In contrast an animal which drinks tap water during a similar exposure will maintain the normal preference for the saccharin solution. . . . .

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