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December 2022

STUDIES ON SULFATION FACTOR (SF) ACTIVITY OF HUMAN SERUM Effect of human growth hormone an SF levels in pituitary dwarfism.

Journal/Book: ACTA ENDOCRINOLOGICA 35 381-395 1960. 1960;

Abstract: Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Karolinska Sjukhuset Stockholm 60 Some of the present data have been published previously in a preliminary report (Almqvist 1960). Abbreviations used in the present work: SF = sulfation factor. GH = growth hormone HGH = human growth hormone. ABSTRA

Keyword(s): The sulfation factor (SF) activity of human sera has been estimated using a modification of the method of Daughaday et al. (1959). Each assay was statistically evaluated. The method had a mean precision of 0.14 and used as an assay of GH of human serum a sensitivity in three pituitary dwarfs of 0.1 to 0.6 g of HGH/ml of serum. SF activity was found at all ages between 1 month and 75 years. There was a significantly lower mean SF activity below the age of half a year. Three cases of pituitary dwarfism had significantly low SF activities of sera. There was no significant difference between the SF activities of sera from untreated pituitary dwarfs and the sera from normal children below half a year of age. Dose-response curves with large volumes of sera from pituitary dwarfs and small volumes of sera from normal humans had the same slopes. Four mg of HGH prepared according to the method of Li & Papkoff (1956) resulted in a normal serum SF activity in each of the three dwarfs. A significant (P < 0.01) linear relationship was found between the concentration of SF activity of sera from these subjects and the logarithm of the dose of HGH given with dose levels of 1 2 and 4 mg daily for three days. The decline of serum SF activity to the pre-treatment level following HGH in one dwarf suggested a half life not different from that indicated by others for growth hormone. ___MH

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