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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1959

Migraine and cervical spine; experience with manipulation (chiropractic) therapy.
Newer research results in the field of phytotherapy.
Cervical noxa and cervical extension massage.
Need for a scientific-critical standpoint in homeopathy.
Development of the Physicians' Research & Cooperative Association for Chiropractic (Arztliche Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft f�r Chiropraktik.
Homeopathic medicines; their preparation and their indications.
Acupuncture in the treatment of chronic diarrhea.
ACUPUNCTURE in treatment of deaf-mutism.
ACUPUNCTURE in treatment of schistosomiasis; clinical observations on 54 cases.
ACUPUNCTURE and moxibustion in treatment of bacillary dysentery: clinical observations on 63 cases.
Homeopathy and science.
Orientation of homeopathy in modern medicine.
Chiropractic as a therapeutic gain in general practice.
Philosophical basis of Chinese acupuncture. Varia.
Homoeopathy today.
Methods of rational treatment of neuralgias of vertebral origin.
Malposition of the atlas.
Acupuncture in the treatment of tetamus: report of 2 cases.
Nerve stimulation therapy in treatment of impaired joint motion due to cicatricial contracture.
Role of the devitalized tooth in holistic medicine.
The place of homeopathy in medicinal therapy.
The scientific character of homeopathy from the dialectic viewpoint.
Not Available
The metabolism of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in undernourished children. V. The effect of partial or complete replacement of rice in poor vegetarian diets by ragi (Eleusine coracana) on the metabolism on nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.
Value of phytotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis.
Homeopathy in retrospect.
Manipulation treatment of the cervical spine.
Homeopathy & science.
Pharmacological reflections on the action of infinitesimal doses.
Clinico-physiological analysis of the effectiveness of acupuncture in radiculitis; preliminary communication.
Rotatory slipping: a partial problem of intervertebral disk degeneration. Roentgenology, clinical and chiropractic aspects
My impression of acupuncture and moxibustion.
And now allergy.
Cheng-chiu therapy--an old method of reflex therapy in Chinese popular medicine
From the herb shop to phytotherapy: from the empiricism of the past to the salutary treatments of today
Acupuncture in the treatment of frostbite
Acupuncture in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Treatment of furuncle, carbuncle and suppurative wounds by traditional medicine: a preliminary report on 500 cases
Use of chen-chiu therapy (acupuncture and moxa) in certain depressive syndromes (preliminary communication)
Immediate effect of acupuncture on electroencephalograms of epileptics.
The immediate effect of acupuncture on the electroencephalograms of epileptic patients
Result of the application of acupuncture in certain diseases. (Clinico-physiological investigations)
Phytotherapy of liver and biliary diseases
Apuncture combined with traditional drug wu mei t'ang in treatment of biliary ascariasis; preliminary analysis of 48 cases.
The future of homeopathy.
Malaria treated by acupuncture. A report of 102 cases
Malaria treated by acupuncture: a report of 102 cases
Acupuncture and functions of the gastrointestinal tract
Acupuncture in treatment of generalized peritonitis
Treatment of furnculosis and chronic follicultitis by traditional medicine: analysis of 255 cases
Preliminary observation on acute appendicitis cured by acupuncture
Experiences in 9 cases of liver cirrhosis cured by acupuncture
Preliminary conclusions on 2044 trial cases of infantile paralysis prevented by acupuncture and cauterization
Kneipp therapy and chiropractic
Acupuncture and traditional medicine in the treatment of radiation reaction
Congenital occipitalization of the atlas with chiropractic manipulations: a case report.
Sainte-Beuve confides in a homeopathist
Forgotten manuscript of A. A. Tatarinov on acupuncture therapy
Integument of the body and viscera
On the application of a method used in Chinese popular medicine in neuropathology
Contribution to oral phytotherapy of diabetes mellitus
Experience in cases of deaf-mutism cured by acupuncture
Trial of traditional Chinese medicine for radiation sickness
8 cases of epidemic inflammatory salivary glands diseases treated by acupuncture

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