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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1957

What's new in chiropractic?
Chiropractic treatment of angina pectoris
Again: toleration of homeopathy?
Pennsylvania; the home of the first homoeopathic medical college in the world.
Homeopathic classic: tissue remedies.
Syndrome of vertebral artery compression.
Roentgenological remarks on chiropractic
Contributions to phytotherapy. VII. Phytotherapy of arteriosclerosis
Homeopathy & skin diseases
Possibilities of performance & limitations of chiropractic measures
Myopia as a varicose syndrome of the eye
2 Years of acupuncture at Val-de-Grâce, statistics 1955-1956
The patient's the thing.
Homeopathy in obstetrics.
Psychic symptoms in homeopathy.
Homeopathic treatment of rheumatic fever
Homeopathic drugs: Veratrum album, the white hellebore
Phytotherapy in colitis
Manipulation treatment of the spine
Holistic medicine & practical surgery; pre- & postoperative treatment & mortality
Experiences with chiropractic
Some thoughts on homeopathic teaching and prescribing.
Chiropractic, as seen from the viewpoint of medicine as a whole.
Relations between the modern and traditional medicine.
Chiropractic as rational medical therapy.
Sources of danger for chiropractically active physician; intervertebral disk displacement and spinal tumors.
Selected cases of spine mistreatment.
Diagnostic difficulties and sources of risk for the chiropractic physician. II. Spinal circulatory disorders, vertebral abnormalities, vertebral tumors, spondylitis, etc.
Vertebrogenic pain syndromes & their possible chiropractice treatment.
Vertebragenous pain syndrome and the possibility of its chiropractic treatment.
Pros and cons of chiropractic.
Psychosomatic problems in medical practice.
The interpretation of symptoms.
Management of colitis and diarrhea.
Diseases of the internal organs from the chiropractic point of view, represented by peptic ulcer.
Method for the determination of degree of trituration of homeopathic trituration machines.
Quadriplegia after chiropractic manipulation.
An improvised apparatus for acupuncture in therapy of sciatica.
Chiropractic; limitations and possibilities.
Homeopathy in Russia.

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