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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1956

Thrombosis of the basilar artery with softenings in the cerebellum and brain stem due to manipulation of the neck; a report of two cases with one post-mortem examination, reasons are given to prove that damage to the vertebral arteries is responsible.
A rectification with regard to the so-called chiropractic roentgen diagnosis
Posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome of Wallenberg after chiropractic manipulation.
Phytopharmacology as an aid to diagnosis and evaluation of therapy in pemphigus, psychoses and carcinoma.
An interesting opinion of the Court of the Federal Republic
Orthopedics and chiropractic
Involutional psychoses and their treatment.
Homeopathy in modern medicine.
Antibiotic or probiotic therapy of whooping cough
Not Available
Contributions to phytotherapy
Report on the post-graduate fall courses of the medical research and cooperative society for chiropractic in Freudenstadt
Asthma in children
Homeopathic therapy of recurrent herpes simplex, with a contribution on etiological clarification
Letter from Bulgaria: homeopathic therapy of a neglected wound
Original therapeutics
Contributions of phytotherapy. IV. Phytotherapy of bronchial asthma, with special consideration of pediatric therapy
Chiropractic aspects of pelvic mechanics
Contributions on phytotherapeutics. V. Phytotherapy of vegetative dystonia
Basic principles of Chinese acupuncture; a contribution on the history of Chinese medicine
The traditional medicine of Vietnam in close union with European medicine
Chiropractic and its value for the treatment of pain deriving from the vertebral region
Exact phytotherapy of inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases
Functional anatomy of the spine, pelvis and leg as basis of chiropractic
Chiropractic and orthopedics
The appeal of homeopathy to the profession and to laymen.
Backward children.
Roentgenological and serological findings after chiropractic treatment of the spine
Toleration of homeopathy
Contraindications of chiropractic
New orientation to phytotherapy
A lipoid flocculation test for the selection of the homeopathic remedy.
Phytotherapy of rheumatoid arthritis
Chiropractic and accident therapeutics
Not Available
Functional anatomy of spine, pelvis, limbs, as the basis of chiropractic. II.
Modern chiropractic; Zukschwerdt's method and its advantages for general practice
Recent acquisitions in phytotherapy

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