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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1955

Thirty-three years of phytopharmacology or applications of plant physiology to medical problems.
The osteopathic and chiropractic cults in the United States of America.
The problem of chronic diseases in homeopathy.
New developments in homeopathy.
Homeopathy--a stepchild of medicine
Homopathy and surgery
Homeopathy and surgery
200 Birth anniversary of Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy
Changes in retinal pressure during cutaneous and intracutaneous reflex therapy
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How to teach homeopathy today
The theory of homeopathy, as considered from the clinical viewpoint
The homeopathic attitude towards the physical and chemical methods of medicine
Homeopathy and psychotherapy
CHIROPRACTORS: injury to spinal meninges during adjustments.
Hahnemann as a medical teacher; for S. Hahnemann's 200th anniversary of his birth
Observations on acute Basedow's disease after chiropractic treatment of cervical spine
Chiropractical treatment of shoulder-hand syndrome
The position of homeopathy in medicine
Theoretical opinions on homeopathic doctrine
Constituents of medicinal plants and testing methods for plant tinctures, with a contribution to a supplementary volume to the homeopathic pharmacopeia
Beryllium; toxicity, homeopathic proving and clinical confirmation.
Thoughts on homeopathic pharmacy.
Peripheral vascular disease.
The metabolism of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus in human adults on a poor vegetarian diet containing ragi (Eleusine coracana).
Criticism of chiropractic
Detection of an acute hyperthyroidism after chiropractic treatment of the cervical spine
Constituents of medicinal plants and testing methods for plant tinctures, with a contribution to a supplement to the homeopathic pharmacopeia. 51.
Phytotherapy of diseases of the prostate
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The contribution of homeopathy to the problem of holism, as shown in three case histories
Chiropractic aspects of the "lower cross"; a contribution to the technic of adjustment of the pelvic girdle
Vegetarian congress in Paris and the problem of whole-grain bread
Emaciation as a problem of holistic medicine.
Static, dynamic and chiropractic.
A case for homeopathic treatment; comparative study.
Atlas, statics and chiropractice; a study on the mechanism of the atlantal joints.
Tasks and functions of the medical research and cooperative association for chiropractic and the possibilities of the performance of its tasks.
Pelvis, statics and chiropractics; studies on the mechanics of the sacroiliac joints.
Homeopathy and objective science homoeomery and its biological applications.
On the 200th anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; several ideas concerning homeopathy.
Homeotherapeutics in gastrointestinal disease of childhood.
Homeotherapeutics of itching.
Experience and comments with reference to female puberty disorders.
Acupuncture in the hand of the physician.
200th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, born April 10, 1755.
General information on homeopathy.
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The homeopathic treatment of nervous and mental illness.
Homeopathic geriatrics.
TREATMENT by homeopathy; background and special features.

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