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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1953

MEDICAL Practice Act: constitutionality as applied to chiropractors.
A Hahnemannian proving of hippuric acid.
Homeotherapeutics in office pediatrics.
If Homeopathy is so good why is it taught in so few medical schools?
Typology and homeopathy
Chiropractic and the physician.
Homeopathic prescriptions
Synopsis of phytotherapy
The doctrine of signatures. II. The animal and mineral kingdoms.
Preliminary results of acupuncture applied in veterinary medicine
Chiropractic based upon cheat
Chiropratic in the medical cirriculum
Acupuncture and its neural regulation
Therapy in the light of biopathology
A method of integrating homeopathy into medicine
Homeopathy and radicular treatment
Homeopathy and naturopathies
Reform of hemeopathy
Pharmacists between allopathy and homeopathy
Physical therapy in rheumatic articular processes; chiropractic, medicine of pain, and therapeutic snobism
Physical factor in homeopathic dilutions
Vertebral manipulations and manipulators
The importance of a homeopathic-biological clinic in the framework of the modern hospital
The empiricism of healers
Spasmodic cough. I. Phytotherapy of spasmodic cough
Synopsis of phytotherapy.
Geriatric problems.
Homeopathy does work.
Frequently forgotten homeotherapeutic agents in gastro-intestinal disorders.
A critique and appraisal of homeopathy.
Preliminary report on postgraduate course in homeopathy, Stuttgart, 1 to 6 June, 1953.
The position of homeopathy in medicine.
Diagnosis of disease and of homeopathic drugs.
Support of homeopathy by the Arndt-Schulz law.
Homeopathy in the treatment of cancer; silver nitrate.
Problems of chiropractic.
Homeopathic therapy in dentistry.
The acupuncture.
Five years of chiropractic by country physician.
Diffusion of homeopathy in the world.
Considerations on modern homeopathy.
Value of acupuncture.
Homeopathic dentistry; a study on the history of dentistry.
White blood picture in carnivorous and vegetarian mammals.
Homeopathy in the stomatology.
On modern acupuncture.
Circulatory reanimation.
Status of alternating or combining homeopathic remedies.
Physical and mental symptoms in the choice of homeopathic drugs. I.
On some corruptions of the doctrine of homeostasis.
Acupuncture and reflexotherapy.
Seminar on pathology, clinical medicine and surgical technique.
Somatic and psychic symptoms and the choice of homeopathic drugs.
Homeopathy and naturopathy in the clinic.
Principles of acupuncture.
Homeopathy and the tumor problem.
Paraplegia caused by the manoeuvres of a chiropractor.
Osteopathic and chiropractic technics in the region of the spine.
Studies on construction and mechanism of acupuncture.
Homeopathy in dentistry.
Phytotherapy in the treatment of anxiety and distress.

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