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December 2022

The Kinetocardiogram - I. Method of Recording Precordial Movements

Journal/Book: Reprinted from CIRCULATION Vol. VIII No. 2 August 1953 Printed in U.S.A.. 1953;

Abstract: From the Department of Medicine Medical College of Alabama Birmingham Ala A simple method of recording low-frequency precordial movements is presented and termed kinetocardiogram to indicate movements as the result of the motions of the heart. The normal precordial patterns are described as well as the time relationships to the cardiac cycle and ballistocardiogram. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 1. A method for recording precordial chest movements during the cardiac cycle has been described. 2. The general pattern obtained from normal subjects is pointed out and the relationship of these movements to the phases of the cardiac cycle and the ballistocardiogram are noted. 3. Different normal young males usually displayed similarity in records taken at corresponding points but there are striking differences in the same individual in records taken from varying points. 4. The term "kinetocardiogram" (KCG) is introduced to designate circulatory movements as recorded from the chest wall. . . . .

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