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November 2022

A Study of Reflex Venomotor Reactions in Man

Journal/Book: Reprinted from CIRCULATION Vol. VII No. 6 1953 Printed in U.S.A. 1953;

Abstract: From the Department of Medicine State University of New York College of Medicine Syracuse N. Y. Supported by a grant from the National Heart Institut By the use of simple clamps a segment of a forearm vein was temporarily isolated from the circulation so that change in pressure within the segment measured change in venous tone. Reflex venoconstriction was elicited by appropriate stimuli. These reactions could be blocked by interruption of the sympathetic pathway to the vein under study. The magnitude of the responses obtained supports the concept that neurogenic venomotor reactions may be quantitatively significant in circulatory adjustments. SUMMARY Reflex venomotor reactions of significant magnitude are demonstrated in the human subject. Evidence is presented that the efferent nerves mediating such reactions traverse the sympathetic nervous system passing through autonomic synapses. Certain implications of neurogenic venomotor tone are discussed. . . .

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