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October 2022

Symposium on local diversity in Iroquois culture

Note: 52060176 Bulletin / Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology ; no. 149 Includes bibliographies. no. 1. Introduction: The concept of locality and the program of Iroquois research, by W. N. Fenton.--no. 2. Concepts of land ownership among the Iroquois and their neighbors, by G. S. Snyderman.--no. 3. Locality as a basic factor in the development of Iroquois social structure, by W. N. Fenton.--no. 4. Some psychological determinants of culture change in an Iroquoian community, by A. F. C. Wallace.--no. 5. The religion of Handsome Lake; its origin and development, by M. H. Deardorff.--no. 6. Local diversity in Iroquois music and dance, by G. P. Kurath.--no. 7. The feast of the dead, or ghost dance at Six Nations Reserve, Canada, by W. N. Fenton and G. P. Kurath.--no. 8. Iroquois women, then and now, by M. C. Randle.--Index. Bulletin (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology), no. 149.

Keyword(s): Iroquois Indians.

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