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Journal/Book: No. 15 PUBLICATIONS OF TAE SARATOGA SPA 1946; . Reprinted from New York State Journal of Medicine Vol. 44 No. 11 June 1 1944 First Printing 1946. 1944/1946;

Abstract: WALTER S. McCLELLAN M.D. Medical Director of the Saratoga Spa With the Technical Assistance of MARGRET ROGERS R.N. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 1. A study of the results obtained in the treatment of 738 patients with inhalation is presented. The conditions for which the treatments were given included sinusitis coryza bronchitis chronic rhinitis bronchial asthma laryngitis allergic rhinitis hay fever and pharyngitis. The treatments consisted of the inhalation of finely nebulized saline-alkaline naturally carbonated mineral waters and medicated oils. 2. Marked relief of the condition treated was noted in 38 patients or 5.2 per cent of the total; moderate relief in 468 patients or 63.4 per cent; temporary relief in 46 6.4 per cent; and no change in 185 or 25 per cent. 3. The relief obtained bore a definite relation to the number of treatments taken. In acute conditions from four to six treatments were necessary to obtain consistent improvement while in chronic conditions twelve to fifteen treatments were usually required. 4. Inhalations are taken without discomfort which is an important factor in therapy. 5. The safety of the therapy can be stressed. Reactions of significance occurred in only three patients. One may possibly have had a sensitivity to chlorenan one developed an acute asthmatic paroxysm" and one noted a general reaction to epinephrine. 6. Attention to the general condition of the patients suffering from respiratory disorders is an important factor. Inhalations have a definite place in the general "cure" regimen of a spa. schö

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