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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
May 2022

The new era in education

Note: E 24000440 ed. by Ernest Young. New era library A free kindergarten: S. Saviour's child garden, Edinburgh.--Physiological education in an elementary school: Mixenden School, Halifax. By H. Middleton.--Developments in self-activity in an elementary school; Knuzden, Blackburn.--A boarding school for the children of working men: The Caldecott community. By Enid Coggin.--An open-air school: Thackley, Bradford. By G. Norman.--A vocational school: Gravesend Sea School.--A works continuation school: Port Sunlight.--Class teaching through partnership: King Edward VI. School, Stratford-on-Avon.--By H. Middleton.--A co-operative student class: Abbots Langley.--Independent study in a girls' elementary school: Wood Street, Rugby.--Teach yourself: An account of Miss Mason's methods. By O. M. Andrews.--A scheme of self-government in the upper schoolroom: Bootham School, Yorks. By Brian Sparkes.--Music and citizenship: Isle of Dogs, Poplar. By C. T. Smith.--Transmutation: Howell's School, Denbigh. By C. L. Ragg.--Art and industry: Castleford Secondary School. By Alice Gostick.--An experiment in practical civics: Brighton. By E. M. White.--Local surveys: Lambeth. By V. A. Bell.--The patrol system in an elementary school: Blackley Municipal School, Manchester. By B. Wilde.--Scouting in a preparatory school: West Downs, Winchester. By the late L. Helbert.-- The school and the public museum. By R. Martin.--The school and the public library. By Edward Green.--The Staffordshire rural libraries. By H. Middleton.--The school journey: Ellerslie Road L. C. C. School. By G. G. Lewis.--Camping at school: Harrow County School for boys. By H. S. Braun.--School journeys by canal: Hornsey County School. My Dr. H. E. Piggott.--Child welfare: Wigan.--The Sheffield Federated Education Association. By O. M. Andrews.

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