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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
May 2022

Studies in philosophy and psychology

Author(s): Tufts, James Hayden, Delabarre, Edmund Burke, Sharp, Frank Chapman, Pierce, Arthur Henry, Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene

Note: by former students of Charles Edward Garman, in commemoration of twenty-five years of service as teacher of philosophy in Amherst College. Editors: James Hayden Tufts, Edmund Burke Delabarre, Frank Chapman Sharp, Arthur Henry Pierce, Frederick J. E. Woodbridge. Studies in philosophy: I. Tufts, J.H. On moral evolution. II. Willcos, W.F. The expansion of Europe in its influence upon population. III. Woods, R.A. Democracy a new unfolding of human power. IV. Sharp, F.C. An analysis of the moral judgment. V. Woodbridge, F.J.E. The problem of consciousness. VI. Norton, E.L. The intellectual element in music. VII. Raub, W.L. Pragmatism and Kantianism. VIII. Lyman, E.W. The influence of pragmatism upon the status of theology.--Studies in psychology: IX. Delabarre, E.B. Influence of surrounding objects on the apparent direction of a line. X. Swift, E.J. Beginning a language; a contribution to the psychology of learning. XI. Pierce, A.H. An appeal from the prevailing doctrine of a detached subconsciousness. XII. Woodworth, R.S. The cause of a voluntary movement. XIII. Burnett, C.T. An experimental test of the classical theory of volition. NORLIN [c.1] @

Keyword(s): Philosophy.. Psychology.

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