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J Tradit Chin Med. 1993 Mar; 13(1): 22-6.

Simple obesity and obesity hyperlipemia treated with otoacupoint pellet pressure and body acupuncture.

Sun Q, Xu Y.

Department of TCM, Second Teaching Hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

161 cases of simple obesity with or without hyperlipemia were treated by pellet pressure on auricular acupoints plus body acupuncture for 3 months in a single-blind experiment. Patients on Capsulae Olei Oenothera Erythrosepalae were taken as positive controls. Body weight, circumference of chest, abdomen, arms and legs, the appetite, sleep, bowel movement, blood TC, TG and HDL-C were recorded for comparison. The results indicated that treatment in the auricular and body acupoint group was superior to treatment in the control group. In the acupoint group body weight dropped by an average of 5.04 kg in 84.55% of the patients, who also showed decreased appetite, blood TC and TG.

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