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Clin Imaging. 1993 Jan-Mar; 17(1): 36-40.

Imaging implications in the evaluation of permanent needle acupuncture.

Gerard PS, Wilck E, Schiano T.

Department of Radiology, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York 11219.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture involves placing needles into the subcutaneous tissues along predefined meridians, and later totally removing the needles. A peculiar form of acupuncture exists called "Hari", which involves the permanent placement of fine needles into the subcutaneous tissues. Although this form of acupuncture is uncommon, it is still practiced in both the Orient and the West. Following treatment, the patient's skin is imbedded with hundreds of these fine needles, which remain in the skin for the rest of the patient's life. Several reports have appeared describing their curious radiologic appearance. We present plain films, sonograms, and computed tomography findings of three patients who have undergone this form of acupuncture, and describe their implications in radiographic and clinical evaluation.

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