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N Z Med J. 1993 Feb; 106(950): 60-1.

Maori attitudes to diabetes and diabetes health care delivery in north Canterbury.

de Lore D, Hamilton A, Brown L, Lunt H.

Christchurch Hospital.

AIMS. The study aims were as follows: (1) To obtain information regarding Maori attitudes to diabetes and to the services provided by a specialist diabetes clinic in Christchurch; (2) to initiate discussion about local diabetes health care delivery for Maori. METHODS. A questionnaire was designed following advice from professional Maori health researchers, with the aim of assessing Maori attitudes to diabetes and specialist diabetes services, available in Christchurch. RESULTS. The questionnaire was delivered to 51 (77%) of the 66 Maori with noninsulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM), attending a specialist diabetes clinic in Christchurch. Although 47 of the 51 subjects were able to name one or more diabetes complications, only five subjects named heart disease as a complication, despite the fact that heart disease is a major cause of mortality in NIDDM. Subjects were selected on the basis of being hospital specialist clinic attenders and the majority were satisfied with currently available services, yet 10 of the 51 subjects indicated that they would prefer marae-based to hospital-based diabetes health care, if they had a choice. CONCLUSIONS. The process of questionnaire interview and dissemination of results proved to be a cost-effective means of initiating local discussion about future directions for Maori diabetes health care delivery.

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